Rakudai Kenja no Gakuin Musou
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Alternative Rakudai Kenja no Gakuin Musou ~Nidome no Tensei, S-Rank Cheat Majutsushi Boukenroku~ ; The Unsuccessful yet Academically Unparalleled Sage ; The Unsuccessful yet Academically Unparalleled Sage ~A Cheating S-Rank Sorcerer's Post-Rebirth Adventurer Log~ ; Необыкновенный неудачник ; Необыкновенный неудачник - Дневник переродившегося колдуна S-ранга ; 墮落的賢者學院無雙的學院 ; 墮落的賢者學院無雙的學院-在400年後的世界中兩次重生無雙劍的最堅強的賢者 ; 落第賢者の学院無双 ; 落第賢者の学院無双 ~二度目の転生、Sランクチート魔術師冒険録~
Author(s) Shiraishi arata
Artist(s) Kentarou ; Uodenim
Genre(s) Ecchi, Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Magic, Monsters, Reincarnation, Romance, School life
Type Japanese Manga - Read from right to left.
Status Ongoing
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After reincarnating in a different world, the great sage Ephthal spent all of his life researching magic. However, he who had aimed to reach the summit of magic, knew of the limits of his talents and fell into despair, thus closing the curtain to his lifetime. However, 400 years later, he reincarnated for the second time and enrolled in a magic academy using the sorcery and knowledge he acquired from his previous life. As if to sneer at the state of magic that had been in decline for the past 400 years, he easily invokes legendary class magic! With overwhelming power, the entire world will kneel before him. [hr]Author: [url]http://mypage.syosetu.com/726225/[/url] (Web Novel version [url=http://mypage.syosetu.com/mypageblog/view/userid/726225/blogkey/2412606/]was removed from Syosetu[/url].) LN Homepage: [url]https://sneakerbunko.jp/series/rakudai/[/url] LN Illustrator: [url]https://twitter.com/uodenim[/url]


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Version Duck [37 chs / vol.2 ch.7 - ch.6.6]