Mahou Tsukai de Hikikomori?: Mofumofu Igai to mo Kokoro wo Kayowaseyou Monogatari
Rating Average 7.8 / 10 out of 5 total votes.
Popularity 2373rd, it has 6.81k monthly views.
Alternative He is a Wizard, But Social Withdrawal? ; He is Wizard, But Social Withdrawal? ; MAHOUTSUKAI DE HIKIKOMORI? ~MOFUMOFU IGAI TOMO KOKORO O KAYOWA SEYOU MONOGATARI~ ; 魔法使いで引きこもり? ~モフモフ以外とも心を通わせよう物語~
Author(s) Kotoriya emu
Artist(s) Yui
Genre(s) Adaptation, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai, Magic, Reincarnation, Slice of life
Type Japanese Manga - Read from right to left.
Status Ongoing
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Shuutarou is a 90 year old "fairy" who was reincarnated by the Goddess into another world. He wishes for a, "healthy body," however is gifted with cheat abilities to use powerful magic instead! After his parents died, he gets fostered by a woodcutter and former adventurer. After 11 years, he has become an apprentice adventurer at that guild then the goddess suddenly comes to him in a dream and asks him to go on a journey. So along with his beast mount companion, Pheles, they go out to adventure the world!


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Version Duck [4 chs / vol.1 ch.0 - vol.1 ch.3]