Solo Bug Player
Rating Average 9.7 / 10 out of 273 total votes.
Popularity 120th, it has 8.37k monthly views.
Alternative Bug Player ; Bug using Player ; Glitch Master ; I'm a player that will use all the Bugs ; I'm a player, that will alone benefit from the Bugs ; Na Hollo Beogeulo Kkulppaneun Peulleieo ; Solo Bug-using Player ; بازیکنی که از باگ استفاده می‌کنه ; بازیکنی‌ام که از تمام باگ‌ها استفاده می‌کنم ; باگ پلیر ; سولو باگ پلیر ; سولو باگ یوزینگ پلیر ; บั๊ก เพลย์เยอร์ ; 나 홀로 버그로 꿀빠는 플레이어
Author(s) 청초
Artist(s) 키민트
Genre(s) Action, Adaptation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Full color, Game, Isekai, Long strip, Magic, Reincarnation, Video games, Web comic, Webtoon
Type Korean Webtoon - Read from left to right.
Status Ongoing
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A sudden death after all-nighters and ridiculous amounts of work playing a game?! What greeted me after opening my eyes was the reality that I was in the world of <Paradiso>. And on top of that, I was stuck in the body of a perfectly vulgar, obese, extra of a lord. The worst of the worst. I reincarnated in Jared’s body! Dammit! All those protagonists in books or movies are born to stupidly well-off families, being raised with wealth and riches! “I’ll get to the top as soon as I can!” I’ll succeed and grow! Whether I use bugs or hacks, it’s all a-okay! The start of a challenging world of intense dieting and bug abuse begins now! [b]Portuguese (BR) / Português (BR):[/b] [spoiler]Se eu tiver sucesso, não há problema em usar bugs ou qualquer coisa possível! Uma história do jovem lorde da obesidade ultra-alta reencarnado.[/spoiler] [hr][b]Officially Translated:[/b] [*]In French by [url=]Delitoon[/url]


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Version Duck [52 chs / ch.1 - ch.40]