Is This Hero for Real? / 이 용사 실화냐 / Is This a Real Hero? / Is This Hero for Real? / Is This Warrior for Real? / 이 용사 실화냐? / Это настоящая история героя
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Artists: Payong (빠용)
Genres: Webtoon , Monsters , Action , Demons , Adventure , Magic , Isekai , Fantasy , Supernatural , Adaptation , Full Color
Original language: Korean
Official status: Ongoing

There has never been a hero like this before!
Is he a hero or an actual demon?

Kang Hansoo was summoned to this world with his classmates.
His classmates were amazed by this brand new world and the magic in it, but the only thing Hansoo wanted to do was quickly return home.

“Why would I give up my warm, comfortable house to have an adventure in this world…?

Even the goddess that summoned me said that if I wasn’t willing to, there was nothing she could do to force me and promised to return me to my original world.
She did teleport me, but…

When I opened my eyes, I was still in this world!
All of my friends were gone, and the only thing around me was monsters!!

A goddess tricked me…?
How do I get back home now…?
More than that, how do I survive here…?!“


- [Original Webtoon


지금까지 이런 용사는 없었다.
이것은 용사인가 악마인가.

같은 반 아이들과 이세계로 소환된 강한수.
반 친구들은 마법이니 이세계니 신기해 하지만,
한수는 얼른 집에 돌아가고 싶을 뿐이다.
안락하고 따뜻한 우리 집을 냅두고 왜 이세계에서 모험같은 걸...?

소환한 여신도 정 의지가 없다면 어쩔 수 없다며 본래 세계로 돌려보내주겠다고 약속하고
한수를 집으로 보내주지만...

눈을 떠보니 이세계 그대로!
친구들은 없어졌고 주위에는 몬스터 뿐이다!!

여신이 날 속였어...?
집에는 어떻게 돌아가지...??
그보다 여기서는 어떻게 살아남지...???


- [Original Webtoon

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