I’m the Chief of the Harem / 我在后宫当大佬
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Genres: Webtoon , Historical , Romance , Full Color
Original language: Chinese
Official status: Ongoing

Have you ever heard of a Fertility Deity? Yunmian is one of them! She descended to the mortal realm to help the Emperor of Xiao Kingdom conceive with his consorts. What? The Emperor is impotent? And even the Imperial Physicians can’t treat him? Yunmian is stressed now. “Yunmiam, we have a headache. Give us some celestial energy, hurry.” For the sake of the mission, Yunmian goes all out! “Yunmian, our chest hurts. Give us some more celestial energy.” After the 99th round of transferring celestial energy, the Emperor finally gets it up! Yunmian is about to give his consorts the good news when the devilish Emperor pulls her into his arms. “Yunmian, you cured our illness. In return, we’ll give you a child!” What? Is she supposed to have the child herself? Yunmian makes a run for it while the devilish Emperor calls after her. “Yunmian, you can’t leave without completing your mission!"

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