Magic Knight Rayearth 2 / 魔法騎士レイアース2
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Authors: Clamp
Artists: Clamp
Genres: Mecha , Adventure , Isekai , Drama , Fantasy , Supernatural
Original language: Japanese
Official status: Completed

The Battle for Cephiro has Begun!

One year ago the Magic Knights came to Cephiro to free its leader, the Pillar, from a life of solitude. In doing so they left the kingdom without a leader or a source of power and now the realm is about to fall.

Three neighboring countries have come to Cephiro to claim it as their own. The first country, Autozam, is a world of machines whose warriors fight with giant mechs. The second country, Chizeta, is an Arabian paradise where twin sisters summon mighty Djinns. The third country is Fahren, land of magic and mysticism ruled by a childlike empress. Each has its reasons for attacking Cephiro, and each will stop at nothing until it is victorious.
Hikaru, Umi and Fuu never expected to return to the magical kingdom, but after a reunion at Tokyo Tower, that's just what they do. Now they find their knightly abilities restored and their old friends waiting for them. No one knows who summoned the Magic Knights this time, but their arrival is perfectly timed. Can the invaders be stopped before Cephiro is torn apart?

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