Бакуман. / バクマン。 / 爆漫王。 / วัยซนคนการ์ตูน / 食夢者 / 食梦者 / 바쿠만 / Baku-man / Bakuman / Bakuman - Giấc mơ họa sĩ truyện tranh / Bakuman。
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Authors: Ohba tsugumi
Genres: Shounen , Adult , Action , Comedy , Cooking , Drama , Romance , School Life , Slice of Life
Official status: Completed
The storyline starts when a junior-high student, Moritaka Mashiro, forgets his laptop computer in course. His classmate, Akito Takagi, requests him to turn into a manga artist to his tales and notes Mashiro's drawings inside. Mashiro fall, mentioning from overworking his late manga artist uncle, who perished. Takagi incites Mashiro and Miho Azuki, the puppy love of Mashiro to fulfill, and tells her the two strategy to become manga artists. In reaction, Azuki unveils her plans to be a voice actress. Mashiro proposes when Azuki becomes a voice actress for the anime version of the manga that they need to both wed. The 2 then begin creating their manga, assured of having serialized in Weekly Sh?nen Jump, beneath the pen-name Muto Ashirogi.

After distributing several one-pictures to Shueisha, Ashirogi start Detective Trap, with their first printed collection in Weekly Sh?nen Jump, which will be eventually canceled because of the decreasing popularity, for over-working on the manga after Mashiro is hospitalized. Their next set is the gag manga Run, Daihatsu Tanto!, that they they offer up on, understanding it'll unpopular. After being challenged by the editor in chief of Jump to generate a manga that is top-notch with their opponent's, Ashirogi develops their present set Perfect Crime Party. It's met with substantial popularity but is unfit for an anime show. When Eiji Nizuma, their opponent, submits a-one-shot for serialization, Ashirogi competes by distributing Reversi which replaces Perfect Crime Party while the latter is transferred to the fictional monthly journal, Hisshou Jump of Shueisha. After she passes a community audition after several battles involving the voice actress selection and the graphic-novel revenue, Reversi is selected as the main performer for an anime version with Miho. The collection finishes with Mashiro formally proposing in the spot they made their assurance, accompanied by by their very first kiss to Miho after executing their wishes.
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