A Cold and After That / Alien From Yuri / Anfang / Boundary Line / Cigarette Liar / Dream-Beholding Schizanthus / Heartbeat / LisBlanc / Secret Door / The Pace of Two / Watch Out for Drunks! / Wavering Mind / 百合アンソロジー dolce / 百合アンソロジー dolce due
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Genres: Japanese , Yuri , Drama , School Life , Supernatural
Official status: Ongoing
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Vol.1 Secret Door, by Pikachi (MangaUpdates)
Hagiwara Yuu has been holding the secret she likes girls from everyone and then she decides to take a chance on Nomura Chihiro.

Alien from Yuri, by Manishi Mari (MangaUpdates)
Sae is in love with her senpai, Hitomi. When the time came to actually confess to her, however, she instead blurted out a ridiculous lie about being an alien. How will Sae correct her mistake, and what future is in store for the two?

Cigarette Liar, by Yamamoto Mamo (MangaUpdates)

LisBlanc, Kishuu Yuuki (Story) & Kuroi Mimei (Art) (MangaUpdates)
Rin has a crush on a clerk at the general store.

Boundary Line, by Tamatsuu/Tama II (MangaUpdates)
Rin approaches Hinata with an unusual request.

A Cold and After That, by Minase Ruruu (MangaUpdates)
Naho is having trouble keeping her feelings in check when taking care of her sick friend Mana.

The Pace of Two, by MATSUDA98 (MangaUpdates)
Chino has always taken care of Moka since they were kids. In her eyes Moka would be lost without her. One day, however, they bump into one of Moka's seniors who has been talking with Moka about which college she will go to, something Moka had not discussed with Chino. In this relationship who really depends on who?

Vol.2 Anfang, by Mizuno Moto (MangaUpdates)
Troubled by her abusive mother, Shiori is undecided about her future. The only thing she knows is that she wants to always be with her best friend Yukiko. That is, until she sees Yukiko do something unusual one night...

Wavering Mind, by Peg (MangaUpdates)
Tomo recently turned down a confession saying she already had a person she likes; news to her best friend Chiharu. Was it really just an excuse or is there someone after all?

Dream-Beholding Schizanthus, by Yurihara Aki (MangaUpdates)
Minami has been seeing our protagonist regularly for the past two months. How will their relationship progress?

Heartbeat, by Yamamoto Mamo (MangaUpdates)
Feelings between band members.

She's an Android, by Uta

Watch Out for Drunks!, by Minase Ruruu (MangaUpdates)
Nanako is a senpai from work who gets really drunk at every party and Yui is today's sacrifice who will be looking after her.
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