A Love Smeared in Ashes / Afterschool Stabbing / Algae / Anemone / Anemone (Otomo Megane) / Bare-faced Beauty / Cry, Laugh, and See You Tomorrow / Harukaze in the Heart!! / Heart ni Harukaze!! / Kami-sama no Susumori / Kamisama no Sumu Mori / Kamisama no Susumori / Last 10 Millimeters / Lemon's / Little by Little / Love & Hate / Love and Hate / Mine / Miyabi-chan Down from the Moon / No Carriage, No Pumpkin, No Prince / Pancake Tuesday / Place Your Legs Here / Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari / Rocks and Murderous Intents / Sabotage / Smile Maker / Sugar Spot / Surely, Always / Tender Night / That Onee-sama Feeling / The Forest Where the Goddess Lives / The Person Who Cheers the People Who Try / Voice of Her Fingertips / ピュア百合アンソロジー ひらり、 / 神様の棲む森
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Genres: Japanese , Shoujo ai , Yuri , Smut , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , School Life , Slice of Life , Supernatural
Official status: Ongoing
Volume 1: ► Smile Maker, by Scarlet Beriko
Childhood friends Yae Akane & Sakura Kasumi were inseparable as children until Yae and her family moved overseas. A few years later Yae is back and they are in the same school but now Sakura continuously ignores Yae?
► Lemon's, by Matsuzaki Miyuki
Shibata thought she had ditched Sakamoto when she finished high school. But later in life they meet again, working at the same job. Shibata left high school in bitterness and got a boyfriend, but she can't seem to get the taste of Sakamoto's lips out of her mind. (M-U)

Volume 2: ► Mine, by Scarlet Beriko
Nekomata was always alone until she met Maki. Now she makes a bento for her every day in the hope of remaining close to Maki. When Nekomata makes a new friend in her cooking class, however, Maki seems angry...
► Voice of Her Fingertips, by Maeda Tomo
Saeki thinks of herself as a lazy, boring, and apathetic person and has no idea what to write in her future-plans survey. Kurata, of the art club, piques her curiosity by constantly sketching.
► Cry, Laugh, and See You Tomorrow, by Fujisawa Makoto

Volume 3: ► Sabotage, by Kano Ayumi

Volume 4: ► Algae, by Fuji Tamaki

Volume 5: ► Sugar Spot, by Matsuzaki Miyuki
► That Onee-sama Feeling, by Ohjima Tamaki

Volume 6: ► Miyabi-chan Down from the Moon, by Hirao Auri
► Last 10 Millimeters, by Matsuzaki Miyuki
While riding home on the bus one day, a girl sits down by Sai and lays her head on her shoulder while she sleeps. When she leaves she leaves behind her lip balm. Sai then becomes obsessed with returning the lip balm, taking the same bus every day. What will Sai do when she finally meets with the lip balm girl again? What are the feelings that underlie her obsession? (Source: MU)

Volume 7: ► Bare-faced Beauty, by Asaoka Minagi
► Love & Hate, by Ohjima Tamaki
► Surely, Always, , by Hirao Auri
''I can never make Sora have a child...''

Volume 8: ► Little by Little, by Kari Sumako
► Afterschool Stabbing, by Satou Saori
► Tender Night, by Hirao Auri
Riku attends an all girls school and is tall, pretty, and the ace of the volleyball team. It goes without saying that she is quite popular, and as such receives many confessions. However, she turns all the girls down because she knows they are only using her as a replacement for a guy and that they would eventually leave her. Will she ever find someone that won't leave her?

Volume 9: ► Place Your Legs Here, by Osawa Amane

Volume 12: ► Harukaze in the Heart!!, by Kiyota Tomo
► A Love Smeared in Ashes, by Yotsuhara Furiko

Volume 13: ► The Person Who Cheers the People Who Try, by Hirao Auri
► Rocks and Murderous Intents, by Yajika Chinami
► Anemone, by Ootomo Megane
About a relationship that starts of as one time experiment, but slowly turns into something more.

Volume 14: ► No Carriage, No Pumpkin, No Prince, by Yotsuhara Furiko
Sequel to A Love Smeared in Ashes
► Pancake Tuesday, by Sasayama Aki
► Kami-sama no Susumori, by Itou Hachi
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