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Authors: Hatta ayuko
Genres: Shoujo , Comedy , Romance , School Life
Official status: Ongoing
First story. The student is a 17 year-old girl named FUJIWARA Kayo. She loves games. She is always playing her handheld (It looks a lot like a PSP) in class. One day, her teacher, a handsome, but kind of mean-looking guy named HAIBARA-sensei, catches her playing it in class, yells at her, and confiscates it. Grr, stupid Haibara-sensei, always ruining her fun! Kayo can’t stand him, and doesn’t understand why he is so popular with all the other girls at school. Ah, but Kayo is in for a surprise!
The second story. It’s about a shy girl named ICHII Ekko who has a great imagination and a talent for drawing. Every day at school she fills her lined notebook with drawings, complete manga stories, about the people around her. She can turn any minor interaction into a silly shoujo manga plot, complete with sparkles and flowers, and a heroine that looks just like herself. Her notebook is her secret, and it would be horribly embarrassing if anyone found out about it...
Story 3. High school girl Naomi is excited to learn there is a new boy transferring into their class. Until this year, her school was a girl’s school, and even though it’s now co-ed, biys are scarce. So a new boy at school is big news! Unfortunately for Nao, the transfer student isn’t exactly a nice guy. His name is Katsuyuki-kun, and he’s tall and scary looking. He has an aura around him that just screams ‘do not touch! go away!’ He is like a feral cat or some other wild animal. But in spite of this, Nao doesn’t give in. She can tell something isn’t right. Will she be able to make friends with him?
Story 4 is about a guy and girl who are already a couple. Rinako really likes Shun, but he doesn’t seem to want to take their relationship seriously. Even though he know it makes her mad, he is always going out with other girls. When Rinako confronts him angrily, he apologizes, but that doesn’t stop him from doing the same thing over again. In fact, he is always playing tricks on her and doing little things to boter her. But will she still take him back when he goes a step too far?
Finally, the last story is a brief and funny tale of friendship, jealousy, and romance, with a bit of basketball thrown in.
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