Akuyaku Reijou Desu Ga, Hiroin Ni Kouryaku Sarete Masu Wa!? Anthology Comic / Akuyaku Reijou Desuga, Heroine ni Kouryaku saretemasuwa!? Anthology Comic / I'm the Villainess, but the Heroine's Trying to Capture Me?! / I'm the Villainess, but the Heroine's Trying to Capture Me?! Anthology Comic / Yuri Villainess Anthology / 悪役令嬢ですが、ヒロインに攻略されてますわ!? アンソロジーコミック
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An anthology featuring a variety of stories with girl x girl relationships, with a focus on Heroine x Villainess!
Heroines and villainesses, maids and villainesses...5 stories featuring relationships between girls and their bonds can be found in this anthology. A collection of stories that were published on Shousetsuka ni Narou! All have happy endings!

Only the first, second, and fifth oneshots have yuri endings.

Table of Contents:
Cover: Maro

(1) The Heroine's Capture Target Is...
Artist: Kawano Akiko
Author: yui/south²

How does the heroine react when the villainess is called by the prince to break off her engagement to him?

(2) Milady Looked Extremely Troubled When Her Engagement was Annulled, so I Stepped In to Help Her
Artist: Ooba Soto
Author: Ringoame Tsuin

The young lady who I've been serving just had her engagament broken off right in front of me!

(3) My Best Friend's Engagement was Annulled. I Need To Do My Best To Stop It! ...But I Was The Reason Behind It...
Artist: Wani
Author: naturalsoft

I thought I could prevent the condemnation event from happening by becoming the villainess's best friend!

(4) My Friendship Route With the Villainess
Artist: Hoshina
Author: Taikoban

The reincarnated heroine's goal is to save the villainess! She thus uses her knowledge of the original story to get close to the villainess...

(5) The "Villainess's" Engagement Annulment, Or an Account of the "Dark Saintess" ~another story~
Artist: Murasaki
Author: Fujiyama

The villainess's actions are all for the sake of the heroine...
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Source Deer (#15176054 / 2 chs)
[Vol.1 Ch.4 - Vol.1 Ch.5] {Vol.1 Ch.4 - 132 days ago} Completed
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Source Fox (#15052761 / 4 chs)
[Vol.01 Ch.002 - Vol.01 Ch.005] {Vol.01 Ch.005 - 270 days ago}
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Source Duck (#14720783 / 7 chs)
[Vol.1 Ch.1 - Vol.1 Ch.5] {Vol.1 Ch.5 - 312 days ago}
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Source Duck (#14721272 / 1 chs)
[Ch.1 - Ch.1] {Ch.1 - 398 days ago}
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Source Deer (#15190275 / 1 chs)
[Vol.1 Ch.2 - Vol.1 Ch.2] {Vol.1 Ch.2 - 132 days ago}
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Source Duck (#15114403 / 1 chs)
[Vol.1 Ch.2 - Vol.1 Ch.2] {Vol.1 Ch.2 - 235 days ago}
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