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Lost in an Infected Area
Action , Drama , Horror , Zombies
I Regressed As The Duke
Manhwa , Action , Adventure , Fantasy
When We Get Closer
Chinese , Yuri , Romance , Drama , Slice of Life , Full Color
4 hours ago

When carefree art teacher Jiang Ting meets gym coach Yang Qingzhao by chance, the first sparks of summer are ignited.

But beneath the sparks lies secrets that they both keep hidden within each of their tiny phones.

As they grow closer, will the secrets they hide eventually come to light?

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Lupin III Jr.
Japanese , Action , Comedy , crime , Adventure , Police

Lupin Jr., the illegitimate kid son of Lupin III, stops criminals, steals valuables, and attempts to discover the mystery of wherever his dad went, along with the help of his gal pal Marilyn.

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Devil in Her Heart
2 reading
Japanese , Smut , Oneshot , Historical
7 hours ago
The Duke’s Teddy Bear
Manhwa , Shoujo , Fantasy , Magic , Romance
Please Marry Me Again, Husband!
Manhwa , Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Romance
Touhou - New Outfit (Doujinshi)
English , Doujinshi , Oneshot
9 hours ago

Commissioned work by [Fast Slowbug](

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Time of Conquest
3 reading
9 hours ago
Everything started when I lost my wife to my best friend. “All the girls who ignored me…” “I’ll make you beg”.
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1 reading
Chinese (粵) , Drama , Fantasy
A girl who seems like a yandere but isn't actually yandere, but is a little bit yandere
11 reading
Japanese , Psychological , Romance
11 hours ago

The story of a girl who seems like a yandere but isn't actually yandere. Actually, maybe she is a little bit yandere.

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Dukedom’s Legendary Prodigy
3 reading
Manhwa , Action , Adventure
I Was Born as the Second Daughter
Manhwa , Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Romance
Death To The White Ferret Weasel
Manhwa , Shoujo , Fantasy , Historical , Romance
Ability Stealing Hunter
5 reading
13 hours ago
Many years ago, the secret portal began to appear on the earth, and human beings have an additional occupation: hunter. Although the upper limit of the level that everyone can achieve is different due to differences in talent, compared to most ordinary occupations on earth, the income of hunter is objectively more, especially the income of high-level hunter is higher. It is enviable, so more and more people began to join the team of hunter. And the male protagonist is the unluckiest hunter in history!
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I will live as a supporting role in this life
1 reading
Manhwa , Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Isekai , Romance
Sky Opening Record
Manhua , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Martial Arts
I’m A Prisoner In The Demon World
Manhua , Action , Adventure
Sanzen Nenme no Kami Taiou
Comedy , Romance , Slice of Life , Supernatural
Bug Hunter
Manhwa , Action , Adventure , Fantasy
The Monster is Ready for Dinner
Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Supernatural
I’m A Villainess, But I Picked Up the Male Lead
Manhwa , Shoujo , Historical , Reincarnation , Romance , Time Travel , Villainess
Marriage of Convenience ( The Marriage Business)
Manhwa , Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Military , Mystery , Psychological , Reincarnation , Romance , Villainess
At the North Fort, Happy Days That I Spend With Everyone!
Comedy , Fantasy , Isekai , Reincarnation
The Little Healer
5 reading
Thai , Reincarnation , Genderswap , Loli , Action , Comedy , Adventure , Magic , Isekai , Fantasy
16 hours ago

Slow paced isekai where a male doctor was sent to a fantasy world as a little girl.

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Don't Trust the Heroine!
1 reading
Korean , Webtoon , Reincarnation , Historical , Romance , Drama , Fantasy , Villainess , Adaptation , Full Color

She was reincarnated into a novel as the villainess’ supporter and died a tragic death after harassing the heroine. To avoid her death, she gave everything to Suzanne, the heroine and helped her get her happy ending. But…

“Think back on your sins. You are convicted of attempted murder, high treason…”

She was betrayed in the end…

“Goodbye, foolish countess. Ah, I forgot that you’re not a countess anymore,” Suzanne chuckled.

The heroine’s vicious nature, which she learned on the brink of her death. At that last moment, she thought.

‘If I was given another chance, I…’

* * *

“No way! …I returned?”

She went back to the day before she met the heroine. The worst mistake she had made in her previous life.

[History is written by the victors.]

She will no longer be the heroine’s s*ave. She swears to come out victorious and have her own happy ending!

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Ability Stealing Hunter
1 reading
Manhua , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Supernatural
Little Witch Academia: Tsukiyo no Ōkan
Japanese , Yuri , Comedy , Magical Girls , Adventure , Magic , School Life , Fantasy , Adaptation

An authentic fantasy based on a popular movie. This is the only place you will find Akko in love!

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Mitsu x Mitsu Drops
Shoujo , Mature , Smut , Comedy , Romance , School Life , Tragedy , Sports
Revenge Of The Twin Empress
Manhwa , Shoujo , Romance
A Transmigrator’s Privilege
1 reading
Manhwa , Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Time Travel
Past Life Family
2 reading
Chinese , Webtoon , Yaoi , Reincarnation , Time Travel , Romance , Adventure , Magic , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color
23 hours ago

Often tricked by others, the impoverished young man time-traveled into the *Demon Realm* and was assumed to be the former Queen's reincarnation and was brought into the Palace. In his past-life's family, not only does the wife-loving "husband" think of him as a replacement, but the "kids" think of him as their evil step-mother. That is, until he awakened a **100 year-old infant...**



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Emperor Domination
Manhua , Action , Fantasy
Krypton Gold
Manhua , Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Martial Arts
Closed Room Mafia
Manhwa , Action , Mystery , Psychological
The path toward Heaven
Manhua , Action , Adventure , Fantasy
Eternal life
Manhua , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Martial Arts
Indonesian , Action , Superhero
24 hours ago

Juno Aulia Gantar is an archeology student. One day, a figure visited her in a dream, warning her of the rise of the "Kambe Bara Langit" Legion. Moreover, a mutant creature is hunting her down from the darkness! Thankfully, a man comes to help her, a knight named Antang Batuah, who's risen again after hundreds of years to protect Juno; the reincarnation of Nyai Sekar Gaiar, a spiritual leader unknown by history from the Dayak People!


Juno Aulia Gantar adalah seorang mahasiswi arkeologi. suatu hari, ia bermimpi didatangi sosok yang memperingatkannya akan kebangkitan "Kambe Bara Langit", Legion. Ditambah lagi, sesosok mutant mengincarnya dari kegelapan! untung saja ada seorang pria yang menolongnya, seorang ksatria bernama Antang Batuah, yang bangkit kembali setelah ratusan tahun lamanya untuk melindungi Juno; reinkarnasi Nyai Sekar Gaiar, pemimpin spiritual dari sebuah suku dayak yang tidak ada dalam catatan sejarah!

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Mangaka no Neko de Aru
Japanese , Oneshot , Comedy , Slice of Life

The story tells us the day-to-day life of a cat trying to take care of his owner, a mangaka, so that she can meet her deadlines and responsibilities and not fall into the temptation of idleness for the sake of both of them.


La historia nos cuenta el día a día de un gato tratando de cuidar de su dueña, una mangaka, para que pueda cumplir sus plazos y responsabilidades y no caer en la tentación del ocio por el bien de ambos.

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Beholder of the Abyss
Manhua , Action , Psychological