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King the land
Korean , Romance , Fantasy
8 mins ago

The prologue and epilogue of the drama,

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Zetsurin Alpha ni ai O Koe
Josei , Smut , Romance
“My fingers aren’t enough for you, huh?“ My body melts on instinct. My one and only alpha makes my body hot to its core over and over again…
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Level 596 no Tanya Minarai
4 reading 120/mo
Japanese , Action , Fantasy , Adaptation
5 hours ago

Noah is the son of a once great blacksmith who drank himself because of the death of his wife. He followed in his father's footsteps and became a blacksmith, despite his father's refusal to teach him. To support himself and his father, he lived a hard life from an early age, collecting materials from dangerous places and creating tools to sell.

And one day, when his father saw Noah, he noticed that he was making an ordinary sickle from the rarest materials, which shocked him.

But this is only the beginning of shocking news for both the father and other people who will meet Noah!

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I'm a Fudanshi and My Childhood Friend is Coming Onto Me
Japanese , Webtoon , Yaoi , Oneshot , Comedy , Drama
5 hours ago

Haruto, a shy, spoiled boy who loves BL, joined the manga research club that he had dreamed about when he entered university! The beginning of his new life with his new otaku friends…or so he thought. For some reason, his childhood friend, Yosuke, who doesn’t even read manga, ended up joining the club as well. Haruto is tired of being teased by Yosuke all the time, but for some reason Yosuke seems to be just like his favorite BL character…?? Is it normal for an otaku to get excited about this even if they don’t like it?!

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Bocchi the Rock! - Boniji the Rock! (Doujinshi)
Japanese , Doujinshi , Yuri
6 hours ago
Bocchi the Rock! - To Your Home (Doujinshi)
Japanese , Doujinshi , Yuri
6 hours ago
Kiss Me, Liar Special Episodes
Korean , Webtoon , Yaoi , Romance , Drama , Adaptation , Full Color

"Even now, my teeth are grinding at the thought of being cheated on."
Keith, with whom she had an unrequited love, and Yeonwoo who eventually became true lovers, will he be able to break the long chain of lies?
The sweet and creepy side story of Kiss Me, Liar!


"Şimdi bile aldatıldığımı düşününce dişlerim gıcırdıyor."
Karşıklıksız aşk yaşadığı Keith ile sonunda, gerçek aşıklar olan Yeonwoo uzun yalanlar zincirini kırabilecek midir?
Kiss Me, Liar serisinin yan hikayesidir.

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A Wannabe Playboy Who Can’t Steal the Girl No Matter What He Does
4 reading 516/mo
Japanese , Doujinshi , Romance , Comedy , School Life , Slice of Life
10 hours ago

A 4 koma spinoff based on the cuck who wants to NTR but can't no matter what he does.↓ Also check out 'A Childhood Friend Who's Always Horny No Matter What You Do'

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A Blue-Skinned Konbini Worker and Her Pals
9 reading 389/mo
Japanese , Demons , Comedy , Monster Girls , Slice of Life
10 hours ago

A series about a blue-skinned convenience store worker who often gets visited by her friends to break up the monotony of graveyard shift work. Originally published to Twitter.

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You Are Perfect for Me
Shoujo , Drama , Romance
To make sure her webtoon is perfect, author Baek Mireu starts working as a maid at the Sophist Hotel to help inspire her story, but ends up in trouble that could make her lose her job. Thankfully, the good-looking and wealthy hotel president Kang Hyuk is there to save her, but there’s a catch—she must agree to a contractual relationship to help get his marriage-crazed mother off his back.
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Would you rather be the target of a ruthless gang of loan sharks or become the boy-toy of an unhinged corporate heir for a year? This is the predicament Hojin finds himself in when Yooseong, a former one-night stand, wrestles him into a deal that’ll solve all his money problems.
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Isekai Shachuuhaku Monogatari: Outrunner PHEV
11 reading 442/mo
Japanese , Comedy , Adventure , Magic , Harem , Isekai , Fantasy , Slice of Life , Adaptation
17 hours ago

"One young salaryman who had been using camping in a plug-in hybrid car that used both electricity and gasoline as an escape plan suddenly finds himself transported to another world with his car! He'll start his life anew in this different world!"

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Hosomura-San With Cat's Snack
Shounen , Cooking , Slice of Life
Due to money troubles, Hosomura-san is unable to attend the company's drinking party even though she wants to. After returning home, she meets a cat…
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Sousou no Frieren Anthology
Japanese , Monsters , Demons , Anthology , Adventure , Magic , Drama , Fantasy , Slice of Life

Sousou no Frieren Anthology Spin-off Festival!

1. Frieren at the Kitchen by Kassan
2. The Adventures of the Hero Himmel by Miura Ren
3. Frieren wants to know about Humans by Jona
4. Himmel's Adventure Diary by Yamaguchi Kazumi
5. Frieren's Stopover by Igarashi Souichi

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Sorry Thank You
Japanese , Oneshot , Psychological , Ghosts , Romance , Slice of Life , Supernatural

Received an honorable mention at the 104th Shinman Prize for "Uka no Kikkake"

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Taki The Apple Thief
English , Oneshot , Action , Comedy , Martial Arts , Adventure , Magic , Fantasy , Full Color

Taki was a homeless boy who spend his childhood days by stealing food from a local market, apples were always his favorite, but one day while doing so, a potion fell on him giving him a special power he didn't ask for and a really big debt, which he didn't ask for either. Poor boy just wanted some apples...

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Deathwish Dilemma
English , Gore , Reincarnation , Action , Martial Arts , Office Workers , Drama , Delinquents , Monster Girls , Slice of Life , Supernatural , Full Color

The ability of instant reincarnation upon death is considered quite an amazing gift to have... Right? Remi sure doesn’t think so.

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Kage no Zainin
Japanese , Oneshot , Action , Ninja , Fantasy

One-Shot from Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 17, 2023

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3 Guys Who Hang Out In The Woods of Night Woods
English , Gore , Thriller , Sci-Fi , Monsters , Action , Psychological , Comedy , Horror , Aliens , Supernatural

Newcomer to the small Maine town of Night Woods, Nihil, has no idea what he's in for when he's approached by strength obsessed stranger, Brandon Beaubin. Together, they are pulled into Night Woods' world of ghosts, aliens, and cults by Brandon's friend(?) Ferris.

(Chapters are uploaded to Mangadex as they are completed. To read the comic as pages are released every Thursday, visit the comic's site.)

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Dragon's Son Emerged
Vietnamese , Action , Drama , Mystery

Since the creation of the world, humans have always been protected and blessed by the gods. But strangely enough, in a certain country, the divine blessings are absent, yet the people there think it's normal. Until one day, in the middle of a rice field, a widow, in her grief, begs for salvation from the gods...


Từ khi khai thiên lập địa con người ta luôn được các vị thần che chở và ban phước. Nhưng lạ lùng thay tại một đất nước nọ lại vắng phóng phước lành của các vị thần dẫu vậy người dân nơi đây lại cho rằng đây là bình thường.Cho đến một ngày ở giữa cánh đồng lúa, một góa phụ đang chuyển dạ lại cầu xin sự cứu rỗi của thần.....

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I Tamed the Duke
Korean , Webtoon , Romance , Comedy , Isekai , Drama , Fantasy , Adaptation , Full Color

I (one of the bad guys) possessed Viola, a supporting character in the novel. How can a poor person pretend to be an artist? I have no choice, but to announce that I am bad at art. However... “I have never seen such an original painting style...!" I became a sensation in the art world. And somehow the male lead in the novel was made into a eunuch. “Since you of all people have become the eunuch, the young lady has to take responsibility.” This dude is not really a eunuch though…?

**Original Webtoon:** (, (


똥손 중에 똥손인 내가 하필이면 소설 속에서 화가인 조연, 비올라에 빙의했다. 똥손이 어떻게 화가를 연기할 수 있겠나. 만천하에 똥손임을 공표하는 수밖에. 그런데……. “이렇게 독창적인 화풍은 처음 봐요!” ……내가 미술계에 센세이션을 일으키게 되었다. 그리고 철저히 의도하에 소설 속 남주를 고자로 만들게 되었다. “만인의 고자가 되었으니 영애가 책임 지십시오.” 이 자식 정말 고자인 건 아니겠지……?

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Yu Narukami Fell In Love With Chie
Japanese , Doujinshi , Oneshot , Romance , School Life , Slice of Life

Persona 4 oneshot for Yu x Chie

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FUGA: Melodies of Steel
Japanese , Gore , Time Travel , Action , Animals , Comedy , Adventure , Military , Adaptation , Tragedy


“戦争×復讐×ケモノ”をテーマにしたドラマティックシュミレーションRPG『戦場のフーガ』の公式コミカライズ作品『戦場のフーガ 鋼鉄のメロディ』!漫画執筆は足立たかふみ氏(代表作:『D・Mファイター焔』や『メタルファイト ベイブレード』など)が担当。



単行本だけの付録として足立たかふみ氏の設定画やゲームソフト『戦場のフーガ』総監督であり株式会社サイバーコネクトツー代表取締役 松山洋による開発ブログも収録。

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Fuutarou's Final Regret
English , Doujinshi , Romance , Comedy , Drama , School Life

A year has passed since graduation and Fuutarou has been invited to the same hot springs he went before. However, he can't help but feel something wrong with his feelings and begins to question them. What will he do about his feelings towards Yotsuba, and can he really call them true? This is an alternate ending to the series, it takes place after chapter 120. Written by XENOTIME.

To all international readers:

Hi I'm Angel, I'm the one in charge of the artistic part and in a certain way the one in charge of this project. I think I've mentioned it before but I'm a novice when it comes to general drawing.
Thank you very much for reading "Fuutarou's Final Regret"

We are an amateur team, for my part I will do everything possible to improve as an artist, I still have a long way to go but obviously I will not give up. Thank you very much again for your reading, I send you a hug and I hope to bring you a fanfic that is worth reading.

If you want to give me advice, opinions or any other information, I will gladly read them.

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The Witch's Flower
English , Oneshot , Romance , Magic , Fantasy , Full Color

Sometimes what you're looking for is right in front of you. And other times it just appears where you less expect to find it.

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English , Action , Martial Arts , Adventure , Magic , Military

Akira has always been a coward. After he ran from the people who killed his sister and parents he was sure of that and promised himself that he would just keep running. But when his sister, cyra, mysteriously comes back from the dead and brings the villains of his past along with her. Akira finds out no matter how much he tries, he can not outrun his destiny.

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Indonesian , Gore , Oneshot , Thriller , Psychological

"A short one-shot about a girl who has had enough of being catcalled."

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Monster Race
English , Gore , Oneshot , Thriller , Monsters , Action , Horror

Silent Manga about a strange maze.

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Ghost Flower
English , Oneshot , Ghosts , Slice of Life , Tragedy

A silent manga about two kids and a flower.

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Romeo & Julieta
Korean , Oneshot , Reincarnation , Romance , Drama , Fantasy , Full Color

She reincarnates in the popular tragic work of Romeo and Juliet.
To avoid the tragic fate, she will try to get away from Romeo.

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Robot's Heart (Parts)
1 reading
Japanese , Oneshot , Psychological , Horror

Received an honorable mention at the 47th Shinman Award for his first submission work "shisa-sha Tenma Jigoku". The one-shot "Hanasaki Dai Circus" published in the YJ Battle 2 special edition at Tonari no Young Jump is being published.

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Teacher, Shh
Korean , Webtoon , Yaoi , Romance , Drama , School Life

[Scanlated by Sangwoo Scans]

Ha Tae-hee, a 4th year student in education department at Hankook University, is in trouble recently.

Choi Jaeyeon, his junior... he's too annoying!

Jaeyeon sticks to him and follows him everywhere in school. Now he's following Taehee, saying he'll help play the role of a student for his teaching practice classes...

Will Taehee be able to finish his teaching practice classes safely?

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Hide well, or I'll see your XX
Korean , Webtoon , Yaoi , Romance , Comedy , Drama

[Scanlated by Sangwoo Scans]

Lee Taeyi has been in an unrequited love with Kim Jiwoo for 10 years. That’s why it’s bothersome that Jiwoo keeps walking around naked after his shower. One day, Taeyi makes a half-joke about being an exhibitionist to Jiwoo, and says he might attack him. Then, one day, Jiwoo goes to pick up a package, with nothing but a towel around his waist. The door lock battery dies and he has to wait outside until Taeyi comes…! "Taeyi, what should I do…? I’m hard… I guess I’m a real exhibitionist…!”

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Kiraboshi Ojou-sama no Kyuukon
1 reading
Japanese , Romance , Comedy , School Life

One day, Yoshimi Numamoto suddenly receives a marriage proposal from a beautiful girl, when he doesn't even know her name. Apparently, she is a super-wealthy young lady. How can she she be so sure of herself? He can't help but feel embarrassed at the situation, but she remains insistent... and soon his school life will be turned upside down! Sparkling girl x plain boy super-darling love comedy begins!!

(Source: Weekly Shonen Magazine, translated)

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The Secret Bedroom of the Abandoned Princess
Josei , Mature , Fantasy , Romance
Princess Llewelyn, who was once an outstanding but now miserably abandoned. Her ugly curse is placed upon her, and no one protects her. It is a curse which makes her lust for men. In order to stop her curse, Llewelyn opens her bedroom in the end... Four men are entangled with the abandoned princess.
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Versus (AZUMA Kyoutarou)
Shounen , Action , Adventure
Humanity has been oppressed for hundreds of years due to the rise and invasion of the natural enemy “demons“.
The world was ruled by the “Great Demon Lord“ and his 47 “Demon Lords“.
While people live in fear, 47 people selected from all over the world have been named “Heroes“ and are preparing to fight against the Demon King’s army.
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Baby Pharmacist Princess
5 reading 157/mo
Korean , Webtoon , Romance , Comedy , Isekai , Fantasy , Full Color
19 hours ago

Just by clicking the wrong button, I ended up possessing the game's princess character, "Cherise"! Yoon Che-ri, a graduate of a pharmaceutical university. Like the so-called 'hardcore gamer' she is, She unexpectedly appears in the VR game she plays every day. A red rabbit puts her in debt to the game, owing 10 billion gems...

If she doesn't repay the debt of 10 billion gems, she won't be able to log out?

♡ Surprise Quest Triggered ♡

User's ability confirmed as "Pharmaceuticals," customized settings have been completed accordingly. Future quests will focus on "Pharmaceuticals."

Huh? Why do I feel excessively capable...? If things go on like this, I might be able to return soon!
Will Cherise really be able to settle the 10 billion gem debt and return to her original world?

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Imaizumin-chi wa Douyara Gal no Tamariba ni Natteru Rashii
Seinen , Adult , Drama , Harem , Romance , School Life
Imaizumin is a high school boy who lives alone in his apartment for a reason. He has a secret that he can’t tell to anyone. And the secret is that he lives with the top three gyarus (gals) of his school, Hamasaki, Kurumozaka, and Sasaki. He spends his day playing, talking and getting physical with these gyarus, all of whom have a quirk or two.
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Konya Sukyaki Janai Kedo
Japanese , Drama , Slice of Life

Tatsuki, the elder sister who works for an advertising agency, and her younger brother Torao, a university student in the middle of his search for himself. Despite not being related by blood, they live their life together in a dirty apartment, while Tatsuki's days are full of stress and uncertainty.

Konya Sukyaki Janai Kedo is a story about finding what makes you happy in life, despite all the pressure from society...



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Teikoku Gunjin no Hanagurui
Japanese , Historical , Romance , Military , Drama

At the brothel district, where money is exchanged for relationships between males and females is where Ryuren, an esteemed imperial soldier, famous for his beauty meets Mingmei, a girl in training at the Colourful Jewel Brothel. His is heart drawn to her for her hatred of men and her “avenger's eyes”, and he offers to pay to get her out of bondage. This feeling that is more sure than love and won't fade away, turn it only towards me. A girl from an impoverished village × top soldier. A twisted and intense pure love romance!


男女の情と金が行き交う花街。帝国軍のトップエリートで麗人と名高い龍蓮は、娼館・彩玉楼で見習い中の少女・ミンメイと出会う。男を憎む“復讐者の眼”をしたミンメイに、龍蓮は心を惹かれ身請けを申し込むが…? 愛よりも確かで、なくならない感情を、俺だけに向けて―― 貧困村出身の少女×エリート軍人 歪で激しい純愛ロマンス!

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Outsider Paradise
Japanese , Comedy , Drama , School Life , Slice of Life
Touhou - Witches' Tea Party (Doujinshi)
Japanese , Doujinshi , Comedy , Magic , Fantasy
One Room, Hiatari Futsuu, Tenshitsuki
Shounen , Comedy , Fantasy , Supernatural , Harem , Romance
What will happen when you wake up, and find a cute girl lying next to you in bed? Furthermore, she is not an ordinary girl, but an angel who comes from Heaven?
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