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8.1 52 reading 13.9K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Comedy , Romance , Slice of Life
24 days ago
Although admired at school for her amiability and academic prowess, high school student Kyouko Hori has been hiding another side of her. With her parents often away from home due to work, Hori has to look after her younger brother and do the housework, leaving no chance to socialize away from school.

Meanwhile, Izumi Miyamura is seen as a brooding, glasses-wearing otaku. However, in reality, he is a gentle person inept at studying. Furthermore, he has nine piercings hidden behind his long hair and a tattoo along his back and left shoulder.

By sheer chance, Hori and Miyamura cross paths outside of school—neither looking as the other expects. These seemingly polar opposites become friends, sharing with each other a side they have never shown to anyone else.
Horimiya is a re-telling of the original 4-koma webcomic Hori-san to Miyamura-kun, drawn in standard manga format by Daisuke Hagiwara.

The series has been published in English by Yen Press since October 27, 2015, in Polish by Waneko since September 15, 2015, in Spanish by Norma Editorial since August 25, 2017, and in Indonesia by Elex Media since May 24, 2017.

  • GFantasy (magazine)
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The Max Level Hero Has Returned!
8.1 7.4K reading 9.8K/mo
5 days ago
The weak prince of an insignificant country, Davey. After becoming comatose, his soul escaped to a temple where the souls of heroes gathered. He trained for a thousand years and has now returned as a max level hero!

“Just you guys wait, I’m gonna face you all head on!”

The refreshing story of Davey’s royal life and revenge has just begun.

Il debole principe di un paese insignificante, Davey. Dopo essere diventato in coma, la sua anima fuggì in un tempio dove si riunivano le anime degli eroi. Si è allenato per mille anni e ora è tornato come eroe di massimo livello!

“Aspettate solo ragazzi, vi affronterò tutti a testa alta!”

La rinfrescante storia della vita reale e della vendetta di Davey è appena iniziata.
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Matsuyoi no Oni
8.1 307 reading 3.2K/mo
24 days ago
【Your the one who told be to be a bait】
From a young age, he is bewitched by the supernatural. One day, he picked up a strange dog collapsed near his home. It turns out that this dog was actually a demon whose name was sealed and lost it's powers. He suddenly said "I finally found you". By some kind of fate, he is needed to gain powers. The only way he can be on human form is to form a contract. He craved for him from the depths of his body but the truth is he was just being played?!
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I Tamed a Tyrant and Ran Away (PROMO)
8.1 3.1K reading 5.4K/mo
24 days ago
God gave me a chance to relive my life. Before the rebirth, I had been used for the past 400 years as the empire's sword. And so, I swore to destroy the empire. I found the young prince of the country and became his teacher. I taught him how to become a tyrant and asked for the country.

"I will do the lady's will."

He conquered the whole empire for me, and I ran away.

"I came to take you, Charlize Ronan." Dylan became a perfect tyrant and searched the entire empire for me.

"You tamed me, so why did you run away?"

Russian / Русский:
Забытая собственным отцом, Шарлиз Ронан была превращена в священное оружие, служившее императорской семье на протяжении многих столетий. Она молила бога о том, чтобы он избавил ее от этой участи, и он услышал, отправив девушку в прошлое. Её целью была месть. 13 принц, гений, живший в тени своих братьев, стал для нее союзником. Он захватил всю империю ради Шарлиз... однажды она сбежала. Долгие годы он не переставая искал ее, чтобы навсегда увести с собой свою "маленькую королеву".
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The Twin Siblings’ New Life
8.1 4.5K reading 5.7K/mo
18 days ago
“Your names will be Arjen and Arien.”
We were just like any normal twins going to high school, but then we lost our lives to a sudden accident and our second life as twins began!
And so we live inside an abandoned palace along with an abusive mother and a cold-hearted emperor as a father.
But on our 5th birthday... The king suddenly wanted to see his children.
"Why so suddenly?"
We can only trust ourselves!
Initiate the twins' Project Survive the Palace!

Russian / Русский: Нас зовут Арджен и Ариен. Мы были обычными старшеклассниками-близнецами, пока не умерли… Но мы получили возможность родиться вновь как близнецы! Жестокая мать, безучастный и холодный, как ледышка, отец, старшие братья… «Почему вдруг мы?..» Пятый день рождения. Верить можно только друг другу. Только вместе мы сможем выйти победителями из этой неравной схватки внутри императорской семьи.

Promotional Video
Original Web Novel
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A Returner's Magic Should Be Special
8.1 11.5K reading 19.5K/mo
Korean , Action , Fantasy , Magic
7 days ago
The world is on the brink of destruction after a devastating ten-year war in the "shadow labyrinth." Desir Herrman is one of the last skilled magicians left standing, but even he is no match for the formidable foe threatening humanity's very existence. Just when he's certain the end has come, he is sent back in time to his early days of studying magic at the prestigious Hebrion Academy! With this rare second chance, Desir is determined to save not only himself but also the friends and comrades he once lost. Armed with the knowledge of what their future holds, can his efforts make a difference, or are they all doomed to relive the same terrible destiny? Based on the hit novel.

(Source: Tappytoon)
A Returner's Magic Should Be Special is an adaptation of Yu So-nan's Gwihwan-jaui Mabeop-eun Teukbyeol-haeya Hamnida web novel series. It is originally a webtoon series which has been officially published in book format by D&C Webtoon Biz (디앤씨웹툰비즈) since January 11, 2021.

The series has been published digitally in English by Tappytoon since June 7, 2020.

  • Kakao (magazine)
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Is It Fortune or Is It Woe?
8.1 2.9K reading 5.3K/mo
12 days ago
Somehow, before the appearance of the female lead, I became the male lead’s temporary wife. Since things had already turned out this way, I decided to try my very best. However…

“It’s so fortunate that someone like you became Cedric’s partner.”
“…I’ll admit it. It’s a fortune that you were the one to become his wife, Dylan.”
“It’s such a fortunate chance that you were the one to become the Lady of the Brighton House.”

…I think I did too much of a good job.

When Cedric’s destined partner arrives, I will have to leave. What should I do? To someone like that, Cedric had said this.

“Would you have ever thought that the one I would fall in love with would be you?”

…Would you still say the same to me after the real female lead, Adeline, makes her appearance?
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Yona of the Dawn
8.1 9K reading 12.6K/mo
Japanese , Shoujo , Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance
23 days ago
Once upon a time, the kingdom of Kouka was ruled by a red dragon in human form. By his side, four warriors imbued with dragon blood helped him lead the kingdom to prosperity. Time passed, and this tale became a legend to tell children.

As the sole princess of Kouka, Yona lives a life of lavish ease. In love with her cousin, Su-won, and protected by her bodyguard, Son Hak, she wants for nothing and remains sheltered from the harrowing reality outside the castle walls. Contrary to this peaceful illusion, Kouka is about to undergo a political upheaval. After her beloved Su-won stages a bloody coup and murders her father, Yona is forced to flee with only Hak by her side.

Though surrounded by enemies on all sides, the banished princess still yearns to save her kingdom. Her solution comes from an exiled priest, who tells her that her only hope is to find the four legendary dragon warriors. Guided by this seemingly fictitious myth, Yona sets out to find these warriors, determined to restore her kingdom.
Akatsuki no Yona has been published in English as Yona of the Dawn by VIZ Media under the Shojo Beat imprint since August 2, 2016. It has been licensed in Spanish by Norma Editorial.

  • Hana to Yume (magazine)
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8.1 8.1K reading 8.3K/mo
Japanese , Action , Fantasy , Game , Magic , Supernatural
24 days ago
Yggdrasil is a virtual reality game renowned for the freedom it offers its players. After a simple tutorial, players are left to explore the world and can customize anything and everything, from their classes to their weapons. However, in the year 2138, the game sees its final hours as its servers shut down at midnight.

Momonga, a devoted player of Yggdrasil, decides to spend the game's last hours inside his guild, Ainz Ooal Gown. Strangely, at the stroke of midnight, the game does not log him out. Instead, Momonga finds himself transported to another world, one that is seemingly identical to that of Yggdrasil. Facing an already abnormal situation, he discovers that the NPCs have gained sentience.

Trapped in his avatar's skeletal body and desperate to uncover the cause of his predicament and find other players like him, Momonga sets out to take control of the new world with the help of his loyal subjects.
Overlord has been published in English by Yen Press under the Yen On imprint in hardcover format since May 24, 2016, in Polish by Kotori since September 2016, and in French by Ofelbe since May 11, 2017.
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I’Ll Be The Matriarch In This Life
8.1 230 reading
Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Historical
6 days ago
Florentia was reincarnated as the illegitimate child of the richest family in the empire.
She had thought that everything would go well in the future.
But her father had passed away, her relatives left her at the doorsteps, and the honourable family she was so proud of was completely ruined….
But is this real?
She drank a little (a lot) and was hit by a carriage,
When she opened her eyes again, she was seven years old?
Moreover, the Second Prince, who was the enemy of her family in her previous life is following her around like a dog!
“Tia, you're prettier than me.”
“….Are you kidding me right now?”
“No. I mean it.”
Alright, both the Second Prince and the family are mine!
In this life, I'll have to become the Overlord.

 En cette vie, je deviendrai la cheffe de famille
 Ibeonsaeng-eun Gajuga Doegessseubnida
 In This Life, I Will Be the Lord
 In This Life, I'll Become the Head of the Family
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Clumsy Love Step
8.1 640 reading 7.9K/mo
Japanese , Yaoi
21 days ago
Spring, 2nd year of university. When you're free to let loose. But Kotarou has no friends, female or otherwise. He doesn't mind, he just wants to live peacefully. Enter childhood friend & bully Kyou, who forces Kotarou to pretend to be his boyfriend to put off an unwelcome suitor.

(Source: Takeshobo, translated)
  • Qpa (magazine)
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BJ Alex
8.1 1.6K reading 7.7K/mo
Yaoi , Mature , Smut , Adult , Comedy , Drama , School Life , Slice of Life
24 days ago
Every night at 10, Dong Gyun locks himself up in his room, grabs a box of tissues, and watches a live cam boy show hosted by Alex, a BJ (broadcast jockey). Timid Dong Gyun admires not only Alex’s ripped body, but his candor in sharing his sexual experiences with viewers. One night, Dong Gyun downs too many drinks at a school networking event and passes out. When he wakes up, he’s in bed staring up at a shirtless hunk. A hunk who looks an awful lot like... Alex.
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8.1 2.7K reading 5.1K/mo
Webtoon , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Romance
4 days ago
Lucia grew up not knowing she was a princess.

But when her mother died, she entered the palace and had the chance to see her entire future in a dream.

In her dream, when she reached 19 years old, she was auctioned off to the bidder who offered the highest dowry. Her life became miserable from then on.

When she woke up from her dream, she was determined to reshape her future, realizing that she had plenty of time before the crucial turning point.

Thus, she begins her journey to change her dark future.


Lucia, jeune fille de 16 ans et princesse du royaume, a vu son futur à travers un rêve étrange. Mais c'était un cauchemar bien réel d'un mariage qui continue de la hanter. Pour changer son atroce destin, elle se propose en mariage au Duc Hugo Taran, un coureur de jupon très célèbre. Cela pourra-t-il briser le destin funeste de Lucia ? Ce choix la mènera-t-elle vers un destin totalement inattendu ?

Lucía creció sin saber que era ser una princesa. Pero cuando su Madre murió, ella entró en el palacio y tuvo la oportunidad de ver todo su futuro en un sueño. En su sueño, cuando tenía 19 años, la subastaron al licitador que ofreció la dote más alta. Su vida se volvió miserable a partir de ese momento. Cuando se despertó de su sueño, estaba decidida a cambiar su futuro, al darse cuenta de que tenía mucho tiempo antes del momento crucial. Así, comienza su viaje para cambiar su oscuro futuro.
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Mission: Yozakura Family
8.1 3.5K reading 6.2K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Action , Comedy , Romance
6 days ago
High school student Taiyou Asano has been socially inept ever since his family died in a car crash. The only person he can properly interact with is his childhood friend, Mutsumi Yozakura—the head of the world's strongest family of spies. Mutsumi's eldest brother, Kyouichirou Yozakura, has been overprotective of her ever since he once rendered her severely injured. His love for Mutsumi is lethal, and Taiyou is his next target. To survive, Taiyou must marry Mutsumi and become a member of the Yozakura family. Thrown headfirst into chaos, Taiyou begins his journey to become a powerful spy in order to protect his wife and uncover the dark secrets of his past and the Yozakura family.
Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen is simulpub in English as Mission: Yozakura Family through MANGA Plus service.

  • Shounen Jump (magazine)
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8.1 4.4K reading 9.9K/mo
18 mins ago
Having previously been a slave in her youth, Chloe was revealed to be an illegitimate child of the King of Elpasa, and is raised to the level of a Princess and renamed Beatrice, all in order to secure a political marriage to a toady man, as the king was unwilling to marry his legitimate daughters to him. After two years of hellish marriage, the Kingdom of Elpasa falls before the blade of the Empire's Archduke, its greatest hero. In order to survive her new enslavement Princess Beatrice re-assumes the guise of 'Chloe' as a slave of the Empire. But then, she catches the eye of that very same hero...

The Archduke wonders who is this squirrelly short-haired young woman, who is so surprisingly educated for a slave, and who is terrified of him, not knowing that he butchered the Elpasa Royal Family in front of her and enslaved her himself. What will become of them, since she proves to be one of his only sources of levity?

Russian / Русский:
Когда королевство Эльпаса пало перед клинком величайшего героя империи, чтобы выжить, принцесса Беатрис приняла облик рабыни Хлои. Но потом она поймала взгляд того самого героя…
Updates every 10 days in the Kakao Page
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Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu
8.0 149 reading
Shounen , Comedy , Romance , School Life
93 hours ago
Komi-san is the beautiful and admirable girl that no-one can take their eyes off her. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty out of their league, but Tadano Shigeo knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others. Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve it with the help of Tadano-kun.
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Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One
8.0 5.2K reading 10.4K/mo
Japanese , Seinen , Action , Drama , Fantasy
23 days ago
Prequel series revealing Goblin Slayer's past and the events which led him to become an adventurer with the one and only purpose of annihilating all goblins from the world.
Goblin Slayer Gaiden: Year One has been simulpub in English as Goblin Slayer Side Story: Year One by Yen Press.

  • Young Gangan (magazine)
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Movies Are Real
8.0 138 reading 467/mo
Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy
47 hours ago
While working as a small supporting actor in a movie, Ki Man Sung has nothing else going for him. However, that was when ,through mysterious circumstance, the movie set had become reality during filming. With the sound of the director's cut, during that short take, he's not an actor but actually thrown into the events occurring, showing the pain and emotions he faces in that moment. He can only come back if he creates that perfect take…! Can he grow to become the greatest actor?
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Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint
8.0 135 reading
Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Psychological
23 days ago
Only I know the end of this world.
One day our MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastrophe and danger all around.
His edge? He knows the plot of the story to end. Because he was the sole reader that stuck with it. Read his story to see how he survives!
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Chillin Different World Life of the Ex-Brave Candidate was Cheat from Lv2
8.0 6.7K reading 13.2K/mo
Japanese , Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance
93 hours ago
Banaza, who got summoned to the magic kingdom of Cryroad as a hero candidate, due to having only the abilities of only a regular citizen, got treated as a disqualified hero. He, who originally was supposed to be returned to his original world, due to the magic kingdom's mistake, was inevitably forced to live in this new world. That kind of person, the moment he became level 2 after defeating a single slime, acquired all sorts of skills, and transcended into a super cheat with all status abilities broken through the limit! Even so, he does things at his own pace with an easygoing smile.

(Source: MU, edited)
  • Comic Gardo (magazine)
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The Promised Neverland
8.0 6.3K reading 28.9K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Mystery , Horror
24 days ago
At Grace Field House, life couldn't be better for the orphans! Though they have no parents, together with the other kids and a kind "Mama" who cares for them, they form one big, happy family. No child is ever overlooked, especially since they are all adopted by the age of 12. Their daily lives involve rigorous tests, but afterwards, they are allowed to play outside.

There is only one rule they must obey: do not leave the orphanage. But one day, two top-scoring orphans, Emma and Norman, venture past the gate and unearth the harrowing secret behind their entire existence. Utilizing their quick-wittedness, the children must work together to somehow change their predetermined fate.
As a part of the JUMP START initiative, the first three chapters of Yakusoku no Neverland were published in English as The Promised Neverland in VIZ Media's digital Weekly Shonen Jump on the same day as the Japanese release. After, the series was added to VIZ Media's Weekly Shonen Jump lineup. The publisher has been physically releasing the series since December 5, 2017. The series has also been licensed in Polish by Waneko, and in Spanish by Norma Editorial.

  • Shounen Jump (magazine)
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The Viridescent Crown
8.0 3.9K reading 6.2K/mo
8 days ago
I reincarnated as the daughter of the stepmother who traumatized the male lead. All this occurs inside the novel I wrote when I was fifteen. But it’s fine, I’ll make him happy no matter what. I’m this novel’s author after all!

“I have never once thought of you as family, Noonim.”

I thought I was working diligently on the Male Lead’s Happiness Project, but why won’t he acknowledge me as his family? Will I be able to survive until the male lead becomes the Duke?

Russian / Русский:
После автомобильной аварии главная героиня переместилась в собственный роман, написанный ею в 15 лет, заняв тело девушки, что должна была умереть по трагичной случайности. Ран Ромелия де Лация — второстепенный персонаж романа и любимая дочь деспотичной мачехи главного героя.
За 3 года до начала оригинальной истории вся семья погибает. Новый наследник в лице Юстафа возвращается из академии, и Ран во что бы то ни стало необходимо переманить его на свою сторону, пока барон, занявший роль его опекуна, не начал строить свои козни.

Based on the Original Webnovel by Siya
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Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku
8.0 6K reading 5.7K/mo
Japanese , Comedy , Romance
24 days ago
Narumi Momose is a petite and cute young woman who loves idols, games, and everything anime or manga-related, especially in the boys' love genre. In other words, she is a closet otaku and more specifically, a fujoshi. After a breakup due to these kind of interests, she quits her job and joins a new company. At her new workplace, the only colleagues who know about her secret are her childhood friend Hirotaka Nifuji, a blunt gaming otaku; Hanako Koyanagi, a cool and mature-looking beauty; and Tarou Kabakura, an attractive guy with a scary face who always gets into fights with Hanako.

While having drinks to catch up, Hirotaka advises Narumi to date someone who would understand her hobbies. But she is hesitant—otakus are typically perceived as gross, and the only ones who can understand them are otakus themselves. Or could a relationship between two otakus work?

Following the relationship of Narumi and Hirotaka as they begin dating, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii is a light-hearted story about those who try to balance work, relationships, and hobbies.
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii placed 1st in the 2016 Kono Manga ga Sugoi! ranking in the Female Readers category.

The series has been licensed in English as Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku by Kodansha Comics USA.

  • Comic POOL (magazine)
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Villainess Maker
8.0 2.3K reading 3.5K/mo
6 days ago
Me convertí en la villana de mi propia novela. Incluso fue una fantasía romántica que escribí hace 10 años. La villana Ayla que maldijo a la heroína estaba destinada a ser asesinada por el héroe masculino. ¿Eso significa que tenía que ser una villana? ─¡Esta vida es para jugarla con mucho dinero! Sin embargo cuando comencé a divertirme el día regresó. ¡No actuaré como una villana! ¡No quiero morir! Entonces, un hechicero peligroso vino a mí.

—Por favor, pare el bucle...... El método es simple. Se una verdadera villana.

—Quítale la riqueza, el poder, el honor, el hombre, lo que sea. Si quieres, toma su corona y ponla sobre tu cabeza. Y guíate por el camino hacia el trono......

Derramó dulces palabras como un demonio en mis oídos con una voz perezosa. ─Entonces, ¿cuál es tu respuesta?
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My Dress-Up Darling
8.0 3.4K reading 4.8K/mo
Japanese , Seinen , Romance , Slice of Life
12 days ago
Traumatized by a childhood incident with a friend who took exception to his love of traditional dolls, doll-artisan hopeful Wakana Gojou passes his days as a loner, finding solace in the home ec room at his high school. To Wakana, people like beautiful Marin Kitagawa, a trendy girl who's always surrounded by a throng of friends, is practically an alien from another world. But when cheerful Marin—never one to be shy—spots Wakana sewing away one day after school, she barges in with the aim of roping her quiet classmante into her secret hobby: cosplay! Will Wakana's wounded heart be able to handle the invasion from this sexy alien?!

(Source: Square Enix Manga)
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru has been published in English as My Dress-Up Darling by Square Enix Manga since April 14, 2020.

  • Young Gangan (magazine)
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Bring the Love
1.8K reading 3.6K/mo
9 days ago
Leah Hildebrandt was a strong knight who fought and served her country well— leading her troops to many victories. After the death of her parents, Leah now leads her life as the eldest daughter of the Hildebrandt family and is well known In society for her beautiful appearance and good manners. The only problem is that her brother, Richt, who was the heir to the family, left one day leaving behind a letter saying that he will return once he becomes a great man. Since it’s not known whether Richt is dead or alive, Leah decided to find a political marriage partner to retain her family’s position. However, something that starts as a mere political trick turns out to be fate!
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Kizuato ni Kuchizuke
8.0 176 reading 4.3K/mo
Japanese , Yaoi
Self-conscious gay, Seto, encounters well-dressed Kurusu while he was in the middle of crying from a broken heart. Which progresses to Seto following the man to his flat, where he confesses the reason behind his tears, among some other developments...

(Source: Overlap, translated)
  • LiQulle (magazine)
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Tonikaku Kawaii
8.0 4.3K reading 8.2K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Comedy , Romance
24 days ago
Having grown up ridiculed for his bizarre name, Nasa Yuzaki strives to be remembered for something more. Fortunately, it seems he's on the right path, ranking first in the nation's mock exams and set to enter his high school of choice.

However, everything changes in a single night when he notices a girl across the street on his way home. Enraptured by her overwhelming cuteness, it's love at first sight for Nasa. But in his infatuated daze, he fails to notice the approaching danger speeding down the road and finds himself at death's door. Barely alive thanks to the girl's intervention, Nasa musters the courage to confess his love to her, fearing she might otherwise vanish from his life. She accepts his proposal on one condition: marriage, to which Nasa gladly accepts before passing out from his injuries. Upon waking, however, the girl is nowhere to be found.

After recovering from his injuries, Nasa tosses his previous ambitions aside and dedicates his life to finding the girl that captured his heart, yet several years pass to no avail. But one night, when an unexpected visitor comes knocking on his door, Nasa finds himself facing a woman that would forever change his world: his wife.
  • Shounen Sunday (magazine)
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Doctor’s Rebirth
8.0 1.5K reading 4.5K/mo
77 hours ago
I had been abroad to do medical volunteer work, when I was swept up in a civil war. I was killed by a rebel soldier, while taking a bullet for a patient. But when I finally woke up, I had become a child?!?

And in front of me stood a destroyed carriage and a group of oddly dressed people, who were unconscious!

“It’s just like a Murim world.”

As I hurry to perform first aid in an attempt to save even one person, I realize that this world is that of [The Supreme Demon King], a Murim novel I’ve enjoyed reading.

After meeting the rescue team of the ‘Three Great Doctors’, I found out that one of the person I saved was the protagonist of this novel, the future Demon King ‘Yeoharyun’!

“Hey, since I’m indebted to you for saving me, call me ‘hyung’.”

For saving his life, I become sworn brothers with the future Demon King, and Baekrineuison, one of the most knowledgeable people around, recognized my potential and took me in as his disciple. This is the story of how I became the greatest physician in Gangho!

Résumé français (French): J'étais à l'étranger pour faire du bénévolat médical, lorsque la guerre civile a éclaté. J'ai été tué par un soldat rebelle, alors que je prenais une balle pour un patient. Mais quand je me suis finalement réveillé, j'étais devenu un enfant !

Et devant moi se tenait une charrette détruite et un groupe de personnes bizarrement vêtues, qui étaient inconscientes !

"C'est exactement comme un monde de Murim."

Alors que je m'empresse de prodiguer les premiers soins pour tenter de sauver ne serait-ce qu'une personne, je réalise que ce monde est celui du [Roi Démon Suprême], un roman de Murim que j'ai pris plaisir à lire.

Après avoir rencontré l'équipe de secours des "Trois Grands Docteurs", j'ai découvert qu'une des personnes que j'ai sauvées était le protagoniste de ce roman, le futur Roi Démon "Yeoharyun" !

"Hé, puisque je te suis redevable de m'avoir sauvé, appelle-moi "hyung"."

Pour lui avoir sauvé la vie, je suis devenu frère de sang du futur Roi Démon, et Baekrineuison, l'une des personnes les mieux informées, a reconnu mon potentiel et m'a pris comme disciple. C'est ainsi que je suis devenu le plus grand médecin de Gangho !
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The New Gate
8.0 12K reading 8.9K/mo
Japanese , Adventure , Fantasy , Magic
76 hours ago
"The New Gate," an online game that had turned into a death game, was now releasing the tens of thousands of players that had been dragged into it, thanks to the efforts of Shin, one of the oldest players. But after he had defeated the last boss and freed everyone, he was swallowed up by a strange light and found himself inside the game world 500 years in the future.

(Source: MU)
  • AlphaPolis Web Manga (magazine)
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Skip Beat!
6.1K reading 8.7K/mo
Japanese , Shoujo , Comedy , Drama , Romance
24 days ago
Sixteen-year-old Kyouko Mogami followed her childhood friend and love interest Shoutarou "Shou" Fuwa to Tokyo to support him while he works toward his dream of becoming a top idol in the entertainment industry. But after finding out that Shou considers her as little more than a mere housekeeper, she swears to enact revenge by entering the entertainment industry herself and beating him at his own game!

However, Kyouko's revenge plan suffers a setback almost immediately when she is rejected by the talent agency of her choice. Fortunately, the president of the agency gives her a second chance, and places her in the newly made "Love Me" section. Kyouko then begins her long journey to stardom, cultivating her skills as an actress and forming relationships with new friends along the way.
Skip Beat! has been published in English by VIZ Media under the Shojo Beat imprint since July 5, 2006 and a 3-in-1 omnibus edition since March 6, 2012.

  • Hana to Yume (magazine)
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Akatsuki no Yona
57 reading 12.6K/mo
Japanese , Shoujo , Adventure , Historical , Romance
23 days ago
The novel is divided into three segments: Jae-Ha's Counseling Room – Part 1, Under the Same Moon – Parts 1-5, and Jae-Ha's Counseling Room – Part 2.

When listening to a nostalgic voice in the crowd of people, Soo-Won looked back without thinking. However, it was not the girl of his memory...

(Source: MU)
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The dangers in my heart.
8.0 1.5K reading 6.7K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Comedy , Romance , Slice of Life
8 days ago
A "fearsome psycho-thriller" centering on "the dark side of adolescence." The manga centers on Kyoutarou Ichikawa, a person at the very bottom caste of his school, and who hides murderous impulse that lurks at the very bottom of his soul.

(Source: ANN)
  • Manga Cross (magazine)
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Tou no Kanri wo Shitemiyou
8.0 5.3K reading 11.2K/mo
Japanese , Adventure , Fantasy , Harem
Kosuke is killed by a truck, his soul is lost in a garden with two beautiful girls. The owner of the place will let him choose whether he will be reborn or summoned to another world, and he maintains the summons. In this new world, the main two girls who were created by the owner of the garden to help him find the mystery behind the world: a dungeon tower. Will he be able to become the owner of this tower and manage it?

(Source: MU)
  • ComicWalker (magazine)
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Kirai de Isasete
8.0 420 reading 2.5K/mo
Japanese , Yaoi , Drama
24 days ago
Naoto Koga is an omega who was raped by his alpha classmates and got pregnant. Due to that traumatic experience, he came to hate alphas and told himself that he doesn't need a lifemate or a bond, but even with that incident, he insisted on keeping the child and raised her, and an angel named Shizuku was born. She became his strength and center in this cruel word that treats omegas unfairly. But his life suddenly changed when he met an alpha named Hazuki Tsuchiya from the matchmaking party he forced himself to attend.

(Source: MU)
  • b-boy Omegaverse (magazine)
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Cheating Men Must Die
8.0 3.7K reading 11.7K/mo
18 mins ago
Crushing a scumbag for a single moment gives momentary satisfaction, but lifetimes spent crushing scumbags provide lifetimes of continuous satisfaction. Su Lüxia, our female lead, transmigrates into other worlds with the Second Female Lead Counterattack System, and uses elaborate schemes and tricks to beat up countless cheating bastards and bitches.

Su Lüxia: "Only a cheating bastard's tears of remorse, and the pained moans of a bitch unable to get what she wants, bring me solace."

System: "Has my host tapped into her humanity today? Nope."

French :
Su Lüxia fait partie d'un "Système de rôle féminin".
Sa mission : en se téléportant dans les corps des femmes trompées et bafouées, elle renverse leur destinée.
"Seules les larmes d'un bâtard de tricheur et les gémissements de douleur d'une garce m'apportent le réconfort."

Schiacciare un verme per un solo momento dà una soddisfazione momentanea, ma le vite passate a schiacciare i vermi forniscono vite di soddisfazione continua. Su Lüxia, la nostra protagonista femminile, trasmigra in altri mondi con il sistema di contrattacco della seconda protagonista femminile; usa schemi e trucchi elaborati per picchiare innumerevoli bastardi traditori e puttane.

Su Lüxia: "Solo le lacrime di rimorso di un bastardo traditore, e i gemiti di dolore di una puttana incapace di ottenere ciò che vuole, mi danno conforto."

Sistema: "Il mio ospite ha attinto alla sua umanità oggi? No."
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Tokyo Revengers
68 reading
68 hours ago
En regardant les informations, Takemichi Hanagaki apprend que sa petite amie, Hinata Tachibana, qui est à l'école avec lui, est décédée. La seule petite amie qu'il ait eu vient d'être tuée par un groupe infâme connu sous le nom de Tokyo Manji Gang.
Au plus fort de sa vie, il fait un bond dans le temps, de douze ans en arrière, au moment où il était dans la même école qu'Hinata...
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The Scholar's Reincarnation
8.0 6.1K reading 5.9K/mo
Shounen , Action , Martial Arts
37 hours ago
A material artist, claiming himself to be a “murderer“ is defeated by a suicide attack in battle and is reborn as a first born child to a local lord.
Having a fresh start, a warm family and a little sister to protect - he decides to become a better person in his new life.
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Komi-san wa Comyushou desu.
8.0 7.1K reading 20.4K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Comedy
Komi-san is the beautiful and admirable girl that no-one can take their eyes off her. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty out of their league, but Tadano Shigeo knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others.

Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve it with the help of Tadano-kun.
  • Shounen Sunday (magazine)
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Ase to Sekken
8.0 2.8K reading 9.4K/mo
Japanese , Seinen , Comedy , Romance , Slice of Life
76 hours ago
Yaeshima Asako is an office lady who has a complex about her excessive sweating and works at Lilia Drop, a company that manufactures makeup and bath products that are tremendously popular with women. While sparing no expenses with deodorant in her daily routine, one day Natori Koutarou of the commodity development department tells her, "Your body odor is wonderful! To develop new soap, I'll be coming to smell you everyday from now on!" Even so, she was not so opposed to the idea of being smelled...

(Source: MU)
  • D Morning (magazine)
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4 Week Lovers
8.0 882 reading 5.9K/mo
24 days ago
“You... never changed. The feeling of your lips... The way your hands gather, as if praying when you're tense.... looking like a fool.” Exceptional looks, top of the department-- Jeong Dojun, who entered the Business Department in 2018, thought his college life would be stable... But soon ended up meeting Song Jaehee again in their University Dormitory. When I was in high school, there was something I just couldn’t figure out..."Can't you leave me alone?!”..."Just ignore me, and walk away.” Song laughs at Jeong, who just wants to run away, “I'm done.” Song, whose arm was broken because of Jeong, is offering a contract instead of a settlement... "For four weeks, will you be my lover?"
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Tomb Raider King
8.0 6K reading 11.9K/mo
Korean , Action , Adventure , Fantasy
9 days ago
God's Tombs started to appear around the world. Due to the relics within these tombs, many were able to wield these legendary power for themselves, while others became enslaved to these users. However, a Tomb Raider appears with the purpose of robbing these relics. The Tomb Raider King. "God damn it! Did that bastard already loot this place as well?!" What you own belongs to me. What I own belongs to me. This is the story of a revived Tomb Raider who will do whatever he can to claim all the tombs and relics for himself!

(Source: Kakao, translated)
Tomb Raider King is an adaptation of Sanji Jiksong's Dogul-wang web novel series. It is originally a webtoon series which has been officially published in book format by Bifrost (바이프로스트) since January 5, 2021.

  • Kakao (magazine)
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The Player That Can't Level Up
8.0 526 reading 3.3K/mo
Shounen , Action , Adventure , Fantasy
5 days ago
Kim Gi-Gyu awakened as a player at the age of 18. He thought his life was on track towards success, climbing the tower and closing the gates... But, even after clearing the tutorial, he was level 1. He killed a goblin a day, and he was still level 1. Even after 5 years, he was still level 1. “Who would have thought that this kind of player would exist.“ No one knew.
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Megumi to Tsugumi
8.0 696 reading 5.4K/mo
Japanese , Yaoi
24 days ago
In an alternate universe, everyone has a secondary gender: alpha, beta, or omega. From these, there is a natural hierarchy. Alphas are at the top, while omegas are at the bottom due to their lack of control over releasing pheromones that can dangerously attract other genders, especially alphas.

Megumi Kokonoe is an elite alpha. However, his behavior is reflective of little other than juvenile delinquency. When his subordinates are attacked by a masked man, Megumi does what any good leader would do—he sets out for revenge. Despite the mysterious man's ability to take down the alpha students of Kokonoe Academy, Tsugumi Yamada, an omega, shows up to the confrontation absolutely reeking of pheromones. It turns out that unlike other omegas, Tsugumi rejects the use of suppressants and controls his heat with only his willpower.

Believing all alphas view omegas as nothing more than tools for reproduction, he holds an intense hatred for them. When Megumi makes it extremely clear he does not feel that way—and confesses feelings that Tsugumi does not understand—Tsugumi starts to doubt the strength of his willpower alone.
  • Qpa (magazine)
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She and the Beast
8.0 4.6K reading 5.6K/mo
24 days ago
Her peaceful life that was different from her previous life was cut short. Astina was sold to Grand Duke Theodore due to her father’s bankruptcy, however, Grand Duke Theodore lived in the form of a beast...

“He got hit and fainted. It’s not a serious injury so he’ll quickly regain consciousness.”
“He… fainted?”

Contrary to everyone’s expectation of her dying in one night, she began to tame the monster
Theodore with her fancy swordwork, and tame it as a pet.

“Theo, sit.”

But one night after telling Theodore how talented he is, she kissed him for just a second...


Astina’s wild beast...
became human?

A full-fledged romance between the deficient monster husband and the thoughtless wife!

Español / Spanish
Cien años después de la muerte de la legendaria figura Martina, la madre del imperio, Martina renace como Astina, una noble. Vida pasada y otras rutinas pacíficas, en un momento, Theodore fue vendido a Astina en forma de bestia...... A diferencia de la expectativa de todos de morir aquella noche, ella comienza a domar al monstruo Theodore y lo domestica como su mascota. "Theo, siéntate". "Wof!" Pero una noche lo besó por un corto tiempo... "......¿Theo?" La mascota de Astina...... Era una persona ¡Un auténtico romance de entrenamiento de un pobre esposo monstruo y una esposa arrogante!

Türkçe / Turkish
Efsanevi figür, Martina'nın ölümünden yüz yıl sonra, imparatorluğun annesi, Martina Astina; bir asilzade olarak yeniden doğar. Geçmiş yaşam ve diğer huzurlu rutinleri, bir noktada, canavar olan Theodore Astina'ya satılır. O gece herkesin ölme beklentisinin aksine o, canavar Theodore'u evcilleştirmeye başlar ve onun evcil hayvanı olarak görür.
"Theo, otur."
Ancak bir gece kısacık anlığına onu öper...
Astina'nın maskotu...
Zavallı canavar kocanın ve kibirli bir eşin gerçek bir eğitim romantizmi!

-İspanyolcadan çevrilmiştir.
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8.0 2.8K reading 6.2K/mo
Japanese , Comedy , Horror , Supernatural
12 days ago
Miko is a typical high school student whose life turns upside down when she suddenly starts to see gruesome and hideous monsters. Despite being completely terrified, Miko carries on with her daily life, pretending not to notice the horrors that surround her. She must endure the fear in order to keep herself and her friend Hana out of danger, even if that means coming face to face with the absolute worst. Blending both comedy and horror, Mieruko-chan tells the story of a girl who tries to deal with the paranormal by acting indifferent toward it.
  • ComicWalker (magazine)
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The Constellation That Returned From Hell
8.0 246 reading 13/mo
10 days ago
I returned from hell, after hundreds of years to save Humanity!
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The Tutorial Tower's Advanced Player
8.0 4.9K reading 9.8K/mo
Webtoon , Action , Adventure , Fantasy
52 hours ago
After being trapped in the [Tutorial Tower] for over 12 years, our MC finally makes his way out, but how has the world changed?

Leaving the tower after 12 years!

Russian / Русский
Из-за проклятия охотник застрял в Учебной Башне! И вот спустя 12 лет он выходит на свободу!

Original Web Novel (Naver)
Official Japanese Translation
Official Simplified Chinese Translation
Official French Translation
Official Indonesian Translation
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