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Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
8.8 1.7K reading
Manhwa , Action , Adventure , Fantasy
5 days ago
‘This is a development that I know of.’ The moment he thought that, the world had been destroyed, and a new universe had unfolded. The new life of an ordinary reader begins within the world of the novel, a novel that he alone had finished.
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The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass
8.8 7.3K reading 6.9K/mo
87 hours ago
With the marriage of her prostitute mother to the Count, Aria’s status in society skyrocketed immediately. After leading a life of luxury, Aria unfairly meets death because of her sister Mielle’s schemes. And right before she dies, she sees an hourglass fall as if it were a fantasy. And just like that, she was miraculously brought back to the past.

“I want to become a very elegant person, just like my sister, Mielle.”

In order to face the villainess, she must become an even more wicked villainess. This was the new path Aria chose to take revenge on Mielle who murdered both her and her mother.

Russian / Русский:
Социальный статус Арии круто изменился после свадьбы её матери-проститутки и графа. Начав жить в роскоши, девочка встретила несправедливую смерть из-за коварного плана сводной младшей сестры. Накануне смерти, словно иллюзия, упавшие песочные часы, как чудо посреди весны, вернули её в прошлое! "Я хочу стать такой же утончённой, как моя сестрёнка Миэлли". Для того чтобы повергнуть злодейку, нужно стать злодейкой, превосходящей её. Для безукоризненной мести сестре за убийство себя и своей матери Ария решает начать жить с чистого листа.
- Updates every 10 days, starting from the 2nd season, in the Kakao Page

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8.8 1.3K reading
Manhwa , Action , Fantasy
11 days ago
The world is submerged, and sea monsters rule the earth. Will Bota and his family ever make it to safety, and escape this aquatic hell? …And who in the world is Kana?!
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Omniscient Reader
8.8 8.5K reading 9.4K/mo
Korean , Action , Adventure , Fantasy
19 days ago
Kim Dokja does not consider himself the protagonist of his own life. Befitting the name his parents gave him, he is a solitary person whose sole hobby is reading web novels. For over a decade, he has lived vicariously through Yu Junghyeok, the main character of the web novel Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse (TWSA). Through Junghyeok, Dokja has experienced secondhand the trials of repeatedly regressing in time, in search of an end to life-threatening "scenarios" that force people to act out narratives for the amusement of god-like "Constellations."

After reading 3,149 chapters—long after all other readers lost interest—Dokja finally resigns himself to the story ending. However, he receives an enigmatic message from the author, stating that the story will soon be monetized, before his surroundings suddenly go dark. He swiftly realizes that fiction has become reality and he is now living through TWSA. Although he is the singular omniscient reader of the events yet to come, his success in the scenarios is not guaranteed—but perhaps his advantage will empower him to step into the protagonist role that never suited him before.
Omniscient Reader is an adaptation of sing N song's Jeonji-jeok Dokja Sijeom web novel series. It is originally a webtoon series which has been officially published in book format by A.Tempo Media (에이템포미디어) since December 29, 2020.

The series has been published digitally in English by LINE Webtoon since August 19, 2020.

  • Naver Webtoon (magazine)
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Second Life Ranker
8.8 12.3K reading 42.8K/mo
Webtoon , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Supernatural
8 days ago
Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother returned to his possession. Inside, he found a hidden diary in which was recorded “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead….”
Obelisk, the Tower of the Sun God, a world where several universes and dimensions intersect. In this world, his brother had fallen victim to betrayal while climbing up the tower. After learning the truth, Yeon-woo decided to climb the tower along with his brother’s diary.
Yeon-woo then proceeds to go through the same trials and fights as his younger brother did as an anonymous player. His goal? Defeating the Obelisk Tower and get revenge for his brother.

Descriptions in Other Languages:
(Russian/Русский, French/Français, Italian/Italiano, Turkish/Türkçe)
Russian / Русский
Ёну в течение 5 лет жил, смирившись с исчезновением своего младшего брата-близнеца. Однажды ему в руки попали карманные часы его брата.​ Внутри них он обнаружил спрятанную записку.​ «Брат, если ты сейчас слушаешь эти записи, то меня уже нет на Земле». Узнав о том, что его младший брат отправился в Обелиск — башню богов, которая находится где-то в космосе на пересечении нескольких измерений, и был предан, Ёну решает отправиться туда сам.
«С этого момента я буду Ча Чонъу.​»

French / Français
Yeon-woo avait un frère jumeau qui a disparu il y a cinq ans. Un jour, une montre de poche laissée par son frère est retournée en sa possession. À l'intérieur, il a trouvé un journal intime caché dans lequel on pouvait lire : "Le temps que tu entendes ceci, je serai déjà mort...".
l'Obélisque, la Tour du Dieu Soleil, un monde où plusieurs univers et dimensions se croisent. Dans ce monde, son frère avait été victime d'une trahison en montant la tour. Après avoir appris la vérité, Yeon-woo décida d'escalader la tour avec le journal de son frère.
Yeon-woo passe ensuite par les mêmes épreuves que son frère cadet et combat en tant que joueur anonyme. Son but ? Vaincre la Tour de l'Obélisque et venger son frère.

Italian / Italiano
Yeon-woo aveva un fratello gemello scomparso cinque anni fa...
Un giorno, un orologio da tasca lasciato da suo fratello è tornato in suo possesso. Dentro, ha trovato un diario nascosto nel quale è stato registrato “Quando ascolterai questo, immagino che sarò già morto …” .

Turkish / Türkçe
Yeon-woo’nun kardeşi beş yıl önce ortadan kaybolmuştur. Bir gün kardeşinden kalan bir cep saati eline geçer. İçinde, kardeşinin bırakmış olduğu gizli bir günlüğün olduğunu fark eder. ”Sen bunu bulduğunda, ben çoktan bu dünyadan göçmüş olacağım.” Obelisk, güneş tanrısının kulesi, farklı evrenler ve boyutların iç içe geçtiği bir dünyadır. Kardeşi, bu dünyada kuleye tırmanmaya çalışırken ihanete uğrayıp hayatını kaybetmiştir. Gerçeği öğrenmiş olan Yeon-woo, kardeşinin günlüğü ile birlikte kuleye tırmanmaya karar verir. ”Şu andan itibaren ben, Cha Jeong-woo’yum.”
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Goblin Slayer
8.8 13.8K reading 14.3K/mo
Japanese , Manga , Seinen , Bloody , Gore , Violence , Mature , Action , Fantasy , Adventure , Monsters
17 days ago
A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress. It's the Goblin Slayer who comes to their rescue—a man who's dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there's no telling who might come calling next...

(Source: Yen Press)
Goblin Slayer has been published in English by Yen Press under the Yen On imprint since December 20, 2016.
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Positively Yours
8.8 648 reading
Josei , Drama , Romance , Slice of Life
40 days ago
To Hee-won’s dismay, the BFF she crushed on and her other BFF are now dating! Seriously bummed, Hee-won decides to go wild just one time, and find solace with a handsome stranger. A very satisfying one night affair has now turned into more — she’s pregnant! Fate brings them together again, and now the regimented Doo-joon is determined to do the right thing and marry her. But they’re basically strangers! Except… their bodies have been very intimately acquainted. What’s this mother-to-be to do?
Source of collecting
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8.7 6.7K reading 5.8K/mo
Japanese , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Slice of Life
351 days ago
When the responsibilities of being an adult and the ugly side of corporate bullying betrays one's childhood dreams, many would wish to return to their innocent childhood to relive their life and make the right decisions. Dumbfounded by the offer presented to him, 27-year-old Arata Kaizaki hopes to turn his life around through a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Returning home from his part-time job, Arata is persuaded by Ryou Yoake, an employee of ReLife Research Institute, into participating in an experiment which will help him overcome his difficulties and re-enter corporate life. As part of the ReLife experiment, Arata's physique is reverted to that of a 17-year-old, and all he must do is relive his high school life for one year. Waiting for him at the end of the experiment is a job offer that he has been struggling to get ever since he left his first company.

With few other options, he decides to go along with this plan. However, with adult-like tendencies and many years since his last formal education, Arata steps into an unexpectedly challenging territory—a normal day of high school.
ReLIFE was partially simulpublished in English by Crunchyroll from December 21, 2015 to April 30, 2017. It has also been published in Polish by Waneko since October 1, 2016.

The series was nominated for Best General Manga at the 39th Kodansha Manga Awards in 2015.

  • comico (magazine)
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Record Of Ragnarok
8.7 1K reading
Seinen , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Historical , Martial Arts , Supernatural
7 days ago
The story begins when the gods call a convention to decide the whether to let humanity live or die, and settle on destroying humanity. But a lone valkyrie puts forward a suggestion to let the gods and humanity fight one last battle, as a last hope for humanity's continued survival. 13 gods will fight against 13 human champions in one-on-one battles to decide whether humanity lives or dies.
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
8.7 135 reading
Japanese , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Historical , Martial Arts , Supernatural , Tragedy
377 days ago
Since ancient times, rumors have abounded of man-eating demons lurking in the woods. Because of this, the local townsfolk never venture outside at night. Legend has it that a demon slayer also roams the night, hunting down these bloodthirsty demons.
Ever since the death of his father, Tanjirou has taken it upon himself to support his mother and five siblings. Although their lives may be hardened by tragedy, they've found happiness. But that ephemeral warmth is shattered one day when Tanjirou finds his family slaughtered and the lone survivor, his sister Nezuko, turned into a demon. Adding to this sorrow, a demon hunter named Tomioka Giyuu arrived and was about to finish Nezuko off, but to his surprise she and Tanjiro started to protect each other. Seeing this oddity and Tanjiro's promising fighting skills, Giyuu decides to send them to his old mentor to be trained.
So begins Tanjiro's life as a demon hunter, bound on a quest to cure his sister and find the one who murdered his entire family.


Russian / Русский
Танджиро - старший сын в семье, потерявшей кормильца. Однажды он уходит в другой город, чтобы продать древесный уголь, но в конце концов остаётся на ночь в чужом доме, вместо того, чтобы идти домой. А всё из-за слухов о демоне, который разгуливает в горах под покровом темноты. Утром парень вернётся домой живым и невредимым... Но его ждут ужасные известия.
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Painter of the Night
8.7 1.1K reading
Webtoon , Yaoi , Smut , Historical
2 hours ago
Na-kyum is a young painter with an exceptional talent: creating erotic images of men. Though he has published a few collections under a pseudonym, he has decided to quit painting. Then Seungho, a young nobleman, barges into his life. A hell-raiser notorious for his insatiable lust, Seungho forces Na-kyum to become his private painter. However, the nights that await Na-kyum are beyond anything he could have imagined…

Official Japanese Translation
Official Thai Translation

Author’s Twitter
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Medical Return
8.7 6.5K reading 10.3K/mo
Webtoon , Manhwa , Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Medical
108 days ago
Kim Jihyun, who lived his life as a disreputable surgeon, gains a second chance to relive his life. He then goes back to his middle school-days, and live his life to the fullest unlike before, he studies nonstop. His goal is to become a dermatologist who make lots of money instead of the poor surgeon he was from previous life!
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Jigokuraku (KAKU Yuuji)
8.7 287 reading
Shounen , Mature , Action , Adventure , Drama , Supernatural , Romance , Historical
373 days ago
Gabimaru the Empty, a former ninja assassin known feared as a heartless husk of a man, spends his days on death row wondering when an executioner skilled enough to so much as harm him will arrive, as he thinks nothing of seeing an end to his meaningless existence... Or so he thought. Then the lady executioner, Asaemon the Beheader, rekindles his hope with an astounding proposition. If he ever wishes to see his beloved wife again, he is, under the auspices of the shogunate, to embark on a perilous voyage to the mysterious mystic island said to house the elixir of immortality. Should he be the one among many rival death-row fiends and scoundrels to find the elixir, he’ll earn a full exoneration, and, more importantly, a chance at an ordinary married life with the light of his life--the woman who made the world seem not so ugly. What awaits them is a journey like no other!
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Blue Period
8.7 1.4K reading 4.5K/mo
Japanese , Seinen , Drama
84 days ago
Second-year high school student Yataro Yaguchi is bored with his normal life. He studies well and plays around with his friends, but in truth, he does not enjoy either of those activities. Bound by norms, he secretly envies those who do things differently.

That is until he discovers the joy of drawing. When he sees a painting made by a member of the Art Club, Yataro becomes fascinated with the colors used in it. Later, in an art exercise, he tries to convey his language without words but instead through painting. After that experience, Yataro finds himself so invested in art that he decides that it is what he wants to do for a living. But there stand multiple obstacles in his way: his parents who are hesitant over his unique choices, his more experienced peers, and the study of a subject much deeper than he initially expected.
Blue Period has been published in English under the same title by Kodansha USA since October 6, 2020.

  • Afternoon (magazine)
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Please Take Care of Me in This Life as Well
8.7 1.2K reading 2.4K/mo
5 days ago
The biggest romance rival of my 19th life is my 18th?

The romance story of a woman who remembers her past life.

Russian / Русский
Главная героиня помнит все свои прошлые жизни. При своей недолгой 18-летней жизни она успевает привязаться к мальчику, о котором её попросила позаботиться его покойная мать. Поэтому, уже в своём следующем перерождении, она делает всё возможное, чтобы снова с ним встретиться.
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Tokyo Manji Revengers
8.7 924 reading
Shounen , Action , Drama , Romance , School Life
6 days ago
Takemichi is a 26-year-old unemployed virgin who learns that the girl he dated in middle school—the only girl he ever dated—has died. Then, after an accident he finds himself in a time leap back to his middle school years. He vows to change the future and save the girl, and to do that he aims to rise to the top of the Kantou region’s most brutal delinquent gang.
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The Way to Protect the Female Lead's Older Brother
8.7 3.9K reading 6.7K/mo
Webtoon , Drama , Fantasy , Psychological , Romance , Isekai
313 days ago
I accidentally took possession of someone in a 19+ reverse harem novel.

The problem is that I became Roxanna Agriche, the older sister of the sub-villain. My damn father kidnapped the heroine's brother. Now, is the only thing left to meet a terrible end from the vengeance of the heroine?

But what if I can avoid that horrible development?

“I'm also interested in this toy.”

"I'll protect you until you can get out of here safely."

The heroine's brother, Cassis Pedalian, will definitely be able to pay me back later.

※Please be advised. This work contains somewhat sadistic expressions and portrayals of bloodshed due to the nature of the genre. There are images that may make you feel a little uncomfortable, so please take note.

Additionally, this is not smut; it's just R15.

Russian / Русский:
Я переродилась в новелле 19+ с реверс-гаремом.

Проблема в том, что я стала старшей сестрой второго, злого главного героя...
Мой чертов отец в конце концов похитил старшего брата главной героини.
Теперь осталось только дожидаться мести от главной героини и разрушения рода?
Ах, избежать смертельной концовки и правда тяжело.

"Я тоже заинтересована в этой игрушке".

Раз уж так вышло, то я тебя защищу. Поэтому обязательно отплати мне той же монетой, понял?
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I’Ll Be The Matriarch In This Life
8.7 1.3K reading
Shoujo , Drama , Fantasy , Historical
80 hours ago
Florentia was reincarnated as the illegitimate child of the richest family in the empire.
She had thought that everything would go well in the future.
But her father had passed away, her relatives left her at the doorsteps, and the honourable family she was so proud of was completely ruined….
But is this real?
She drank a little (a lot) and was hit by a carriage,
When she opened her eyes again, she was seven years old?
Moreover, the Second Prince, who was the enemy of her family in her previous life is following her around like a dog!
“Tia, you're prettier than me.”
“….Are you kidding me right now?”
“No. I mean it.”
Alright, both the Second Prince and the family are mine!
In this life, I'll have to become the Overlord.

 En cette vie, je deviendrai la cheffe de famille
 Ibeonsaeng-eun Gajuga Doegessseubnida
 In This Life, I Will Be the Lord
 In This Life, I'll Become the Head of the Family
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Return Of The Mount Hua Sect
8.7 2K reading
Webtoon , Manhwa , Shounen , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Martial Arts
6 days ago
Chung Myung, The 13th Disciple of the Mount Hua Sect, One of the 3 Great Swordsmen, Plum Blossom Sword Saint, defeated Chun Ma, who has brought destruction and disarray onto the world. After the battle, he breathes his last breath on top of the headquarter mountain of the Heavenly Demon Sect. He is reborn after 100 years in the body of a child. ……What? The Mount Hua Sect has fallen? What kind of nonsense is that!?

Return of the Flowery Mountain Sect
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A Breakthrough Brought by Forbidden Master and Disciple
8.7 1.1K reading 64/mo
Shounen , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Romance , School Life , Supernatural
180 days ago
The hero's son and the ghost of the Demon King are the master and pupil!?

Eirth, the son of the hero who defeated the Great Demon King, is troubled.
Always expected to achieve great things, but unable to meet those expectations.
No matter the effort he puts in, and the results he obtains, it's never enough for them.
"I'm a disappointment compared to my father" or "Don't you know you're the son of the hero!!"
Living every day like this, Eirth meets his destiny in the room containing the sword of his father, the hero.

"Interesting. I will train you. I have only free time now.”

Eirth receives special personal training from the Demon King just to get back at his parents and the world.
In the coming days, his parents, the heroes of the past, his first love, the princess childhood friend,
the geniuses of the era, and the world will tremble before him.
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Chronicles of Heavenly Demon
8.7 4.3K reading 5.5K/mo
Webtoon , Manhwa , Action , Martial Arts , Reincarnation
5 days ago
‘You emphasized harmony your whole life and this is how you go…!’

The successor of the Spear Master Sect and his apprentice Hyuk Woon Seong were framed of learning a forbidden Demonic art and slayed.

A helpless and pitiful death by the hypocrites of the Orthodox Sect.

The moment Woon Seong faced his death,
The artifact of the Spear Master Sect emitted a light and gave him a new life.

The life as Number 900, a trainee of the Demonic Cult!

The two identities, the Orthodox Sect and the Demonic Cult.
But his objective is one. Vengeance!

Accepting his destiny and remembering his grudge, Woon Seong trains in martial arts
And his time of revenge slowly comes closer….

Take over the Demonic Cult and punish the hypocrites of the Orthodox Sect!
The revenge story of Number 900, Woon Seong growing in tasks of life and death.

The webtoon version of author Il-hwang’s popular wuxia novel, Chronicles of the Heavenly Demon.
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My Dress-Up Darling
8.7 6.5K reading 4.8K/mo
Japanese , Seinen , Romance , Slice of Life
46 days ago
Traumatized by a childhood incident with a friend who took exception to his love of traditional dolls, doll-artisan hopeful Wakana Gojou passes his days as a loner, finding solace in the home ec room at his high school. To Wakana, people like beautiful Marin Kitagawa, a trendy girl who's always surrounded by a throng of friends, is practically an alien from another world. But when cheerful Marin—never one to be shy—spots Wakana sewing away one day after school, she barges in with the aim of roping her quiet classmante into her secret hobby: cosplay! Will Wakana's wounded heart be able to handle the invasion from this sexy alien?!

(Source: Square Enix Manga)
Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru has been published in English as My Dress-Up Darling by Square Enix Manga since April 14, 2020.

  • Young Gangan (magazine)
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I Became The Male Lead’S Adopted Daughter
8.7 1K reading
Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Romance
50 days ago
“I'm going to adopt a child.”
Duke Ferio Voreoti's impulsive decision shocked everyone in the mansion.
Not only did he make her his daughter, but he also gave her the name of a ‘beast' that only direct members of the bloodline could receive.
“Even as you breathe right now, I'm earning money.”
“It's confidence, not arrogance.”
“My face really does have its advantages.”
The most arrogant father in the whole world, and
“I love muscles the most. Let's get muscular.”
“Show me your thigh muscles! Your butt would be even better!”
“You're nothing but a flower if you have a calm personality…”
his corrupted(?) daughter.
“I will give his excellency the information he wants most.”
“Information I want most, you say…”
“You won't regret it.”
…A stepmother(?) with a strange secret as well.
Summary From NovelUpdates
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The Way To Protect The Female Lead’S Older Brother
8.7 694 reading
Drama , Fantasy , Romance
320 days ago
I accidentally took possession of someone in a 19+ reverse harem novel. The problem is that I became Roxana Agriche, the older sister of the sub-villain. My damn father kidnapped the heroine’s brother. Now, is the only thing left to meet a terrible end from the vengeance of the heroine? But what if I can avoid that horrible development? “I’m also interested in this toy.” ‘I’ll protect you until you can get out of here safely.’ The heroine’s brother, Cassis Pedalian, will definitely be able to pay me back later.
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Beware of the Villainess!
8.7 7.1K reading 6.7K/mo
Webtoon , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Isekai , Villainess
41 days ago
A refreshing, unique villainess who's been dropped in the world of a novel, only to overthrow it all! The reason why? She couldn't just stand by and watch the female lead be manipulated by all four shitty male leads. The story of a pragmatic villainess who intends to throw out all the jackasses, the friendly heroine who is equally miffed at said idiots, and a wolf that only yearns for the villainess!

Spanish / Español:
Una villana estimulante y única fue lanzada al mundo de una novela, ¡sólo para derribarlo todo! ¿Por qué? Ella simplemente no pudo quedarse quieta viendo a la protagonista siendo manipulada por la mierda de hombres protagonistas. ¡La historia de una villana pragmática que se da a la tarea de deshacerse de todos esos imbéciles, la heroína amistosa que está igualmente harta de esos idiotas y de un lobo que desea a la villana y a nadie más!

Uma vilã diferente e única que foi lançada no mundo de um romance, apenas para derrubar tudo! Por quê? Ela não podia simplesmente ficar parada vendo a protagonista ser manipulada pelos quatro protagonistas masculinos de merda. A história de uma vilã pragmática que pretende expulsar todos os imbecis, a heroína amigável que fica igualmente irritada com os ditos idiotas e um lobo que apenas anseia pela vilã!

Russian / Русский:
Я стала злодейкой любовного романа. Думаете, меня что-то не устраивает? Нет, всё просто прекрасно. Статус дочери герцога даёт возможность жить в роскоши и комфорте, и я собираюсь извлечь всю выгоду из своего нынешнего положения. Но хотя я не хочу идти по пути антагонистки, белой и пушистой тоже не буду. Мой жених изменил мне с главной героиней, поэтому я перепишу оригинальную историю и поставлю всех на колени. Эти ублюдки не стоят моих слёз.

Based on the Original Webnovel by Soda Ice
Season 2: ~April 2021
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Kono Oto Tomare!
8.7 3.6K reading 4.5K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Drama
6 days ago
Since the graduation of the senior members of the club, Takezou ends up being the sole member of the "Koto" (traditional Japanese string instrument) club. Now that the new school year has begun, Takezou will have to seek out new members into the club, or the club will become terminated. Out of nowhere, a new member barges into the near-abandoned club room, demanding to join the club. How will Takezou be able to keep his club alive and deal with this rascal of a new member?

(Source: MangaHelpers)
  • Jump SQ. (magazine)
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Black Clover
8.7 16.6K reading 20.7K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Magic
22 days ago
In a world full of magic, Asta—an orphan who is overly loud and energetic—possesses none whatsoever. Despite this, he dreams of becoming the Wizard King, a title bestowed upon the strongest mage in the Clover Kingdom. Possessing the same aspiration, Asta's childhood friend and rival Yuno has been blessed with the ability to control powerful wind magic. Even with this overwhelming gap between them, hoping to somehow awaken his magical abilities and catch up to Yuno, Asta trains his body relentlessly every day.

In the Clover Kingdom, once a person turns 15 years old, it is time for them to receive their Grimoire, an item allowing its wielder to use their magic to its full capacity. At the ceremony, Yuno obtains a Grimoire with a legendary four-leaf clover, indicating the exceptional strength of its wielder, while Asta pointlessly waits for his. Feeling dejected, yet unwilling to give up, Asta sees Yuno caught by a mage who is trying to steal Yuno's special Grimoire. Despite being completely overpowered by Yuno's captor, Asta's will to keep fighting rewards him with his very own Grimoire—one with an unheard-of black five-leaf clover.
Black Clover is simulpub in English as a part of VIZ Media's Weekly Shonen Jump lineup. The publisher has been physically releasing the series under their Shonen Jump imprint since June 7, 2016.

  • Shounen Jump (magazine)
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SSS-Class Suicide Hunter
8.7 7.4K reading 8.6K/mo
Webtoon , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Psychological , Supernatural , Isekai
4 days ago
I want an S-Rank skill too! I want it so badly, I could die for it!

[You have awakened an S-Rank skill.] [But it only works when you die.]


Original Web Novel (kakao) Web/Book
Original Web Novel (Naver) Web/Book

Webtoon Trailer
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Tokyo Revengers
8.7 878 reading
Japanese , Action , Drama , Supernatural , Time Travel
6 days ago
Takemichi Hanagaki’s second year of middle school was the highest point in his life. He had respect, a gang of friends he could count on, and even a girlfriend. But that was twelve years ago. Today, he’s a nobody: a washed-up nonentity made fun of by children and always forced to apologize to his younger boss. A sudden news report on the Tokyo Manji Gang’s cruel murder of the only girlfriend he ever had alongside her brother only adds insult to injury. Half a second before a train ends his pitiful life for good, Takemichi flashes back to that same day twelve years ago, when he was still dating Hinata Tachibana.

After being forced to relive the very same day that began his downward spiral, Takemichi meets Hinata’s younger brother. Without thinking, he admits to his seeming death before flashing back to the past. Takemichi urges him to protect his sister before inexplicably returning to the future. Miraculously, he isn’t dead. Stranger still, the future has changed. It seems as though Takemichi can alter the flow of time. Given the chance to prevent his ex-girlfriend’s tragic death at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Takemichi decides to fly through time to change the course of the future.
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Skip Beat!
8.7 6.3K reading 8.7K/mo
Japanese , Shoujo , Comedy , Drama , Romance
22 days ago
Sixteen-year-old Kyouko Mogami followed her childhood friend and love interest Shoutarou "Shou" Fuwa to Tokyo to support him while he works toward his dream of becoming a top idol in the entertainment industry. But after finding out that Shou considers her as little more than a mere housekeeper, she swears to enact revenge by entering the entertainment industry herself and beating him at his own game!

However, Kyouko's revenge plan suffers a setback almost immediately when she is rejected by the talent agency of her choice. Fortunately, the president of the agency gives her a second chance, and places her in the newly made "Love Me" section. Kyouko then begins her long journey to stardom, cultivating her skills as an actress and forming relationships with new friends along the way.
Skip Beat! has been published in English by VIZ Media under the Shojo Beat imprint since July 5, 2006 and a 3-in-1 omnibus edition since March 6, 2012.

  • Hana to Yume (magazine)
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Overgeared (Team Argo)
8.7 1.8K reading
Shounen , Action , Adventure , Fantasy
6 days ago
Young Woo Shin, Username: Grid.
In the words best virtual reality game , bad luck always revolves around him.
But he stumbled across a job during a quest, the strongest legendary job out of over 2 billion players!
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8.7 6.5K reading 9.1K/mo
Japanese , Comedy , Romance , Slice of Life
67 days ago
"Immortal Tatsu," the legendary yakuza who single-handedly defeated a rival gang with a lead pipe, is a name known to strike fear in both hardened police officers and vicious criminals. Soon after his sudden disappearance, he resurfaces with a slight change in profession. Now equipped with an apron, Tatsu has given up violence and is trying to make an honest living as a house husband.

While adapting to mundane household tasks, Tatsu finds that being a house husband has its own challenges, from the battlefield known as supermarket sales to failures in the kitchen. Despite living peacefully, misunderstandings seem to follow him left and right. Gokushufudou follows the daily life of the comically serious ex-yakuza as he leaves behind his dangerous previous life to become a stay-at-home husband.
  • Kurage Bunch (magazine)
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Nan Hao & Shang Feng
8.7 410 reading
Shounen , Comedy , School Life
23 days ago
Nan Hao & Shang Feng summary is updating. Come visit sometime to read the latest chapter of Nan Hao & Shang Feng. If you have any question about this manga, Please don't hesitate to contact us or translate team. Hope you enjoy it.
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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
8.7 509 reading
Japanese , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Isekai
14 days ago
The ordinary Mikami Satoru found himself dying after being stabbed by a slasher. It should have been the end of his meager 37 years, but he found himself deaf and blind after hearing a mysterious voice.
He had been reincarnated into a slime!

While complaining about becoming the weak but famous slime and enjoying the life of a slime at the same time, Mikami Satoru met with the Catastrophe-level monster “Storm Dragon Veldora”, and his fate began to move.

Português (BR) / Portuguese (BR)
Depois de ser morto por um ladrão que fugia, um rapaz normal de 37 anos de idade se encontra reencarnado em um outro mundo como um slime cego com habilidades únicas. Com um novo nome "Rimuru Tempest" ele chegou depois de conhecer seu novo amigo, o "nível catástrofe", Dragão da Tempestade Verudora, ele começa sua vida de slime em outro mundo com seu crescente número de seguidores.

Russian / Русский
37-летний японец-холостяк был зарезан на улице каким-то мерзавцем-грабителем. Тут бы и истории конец, да всё обернулось иначе, неожиданно он переродился слизью в фэнтезийном мире. Но что может сделать, пускай и разумная, но слизь?

Anime Season 1 on ANN
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Youjo Senki
8.7 346 reading
Seinen , Mature , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Gender Bender
44 days ago
A young girl fights on the frontlines in war. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and nearly transparent white skin, and she flies through the air and mercilessly strikes down her opponents. Her name is Tanya Degurechov, and she speaks with a young girl’s lisp and commands the army. Tanya used to be one of Japan’s elite office workers, but because of a wrathful god, was reborn as a little girl. Tanya prioritizes optimization and career advancement above all, and she will become the most dangerous entity among the Imperial Army’s sorcerers.
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I'll Be the Matriarch in This Life
8.7 1.1K reading 2.5K/mo
Webtoon , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Isekai
22 days ago
I've reincarnated as Firentia Lombardy, the illegitimate daughter of the wealthiest and most influential family in the empire.

I thought I was all set to have a comfortable and luxurious life... but it wasn't long before my beloved father died, my relatives kicked me out, and our family went bankrupt!!

To add insult to injury, I was hit by a carriage one day when I drank (a bit too much of) booze to drown my sorrows...
But my despair was only temporary. When I opened my eyes, I found that I'd traveled back in time to when I was 7 years old!

I was surprised to see my father again in the flesh. But as if that wasn't already shocking enough, the 2nd prince, our family's once sworn enemy, was now following me around like a dog!

Now that I've been given a second chance at life, I'll take things into my own hands and claim both the 2nd prince and my family for myself!
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Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku
8.7 6.4K reading 5.7K/mo
Japanese , Comedy , Romance
42 days ago
Narumi Momose is a petite and cute young woman who loves idols, games, and everything anime or manga-related, especially in the boys' love genre. In other words, she is a closet otaku and more specifically, a fujoshi. After a breakup due to these kind of interests, she quits her job and joins a new company. At her new workplace, the only colleagues who know about her secret are her childhood friend Hirotaka Nifuji, a blunt gaming otaku; Hanako Koyanagi, a cool and mature-looking beauty; and Tarou Kabakura, an attractive guy with a scary face who always gets into fights with Hanako.

While having drinks to catch up, Hirotaka advises Narumi to date someone who would understand her hobbies. But she is hesitant—otakus are typically perceived as gross, and the only ones who can understand them are otakus themselves. Or could a relationship between two otakus work?

Following the relationship of Narumi and Hirotaka as they begin dating, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii is a light-hearted story about those who try to balance work, relationships, and hobbies.
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii placed 1st in the 2016 Kono Manga ga Sugoi! ranking in the Female Readers category.

The series has been licensed in English as Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku by Kodansha Comics USA.

  • Comic POOL (magazine)
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Mission: Yozakura Family
8.7 4.9K reading 6.2K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Action , Comedy , Romance
39 hours ago
High school student Taiyou Asano has been socially inept ever since his family died in a car crash. The only person he can properly interact with is his childhood friend, Mutsumi Yozakura—the head of the world's strongest family of spies. Mutsumi's eldest brother, Kyouichirou Yozakura, has been overprotective of her ever since he once rendered her severely injured. His love for Mutsumi is lethal, and Taiyou is his next target. To survive, Taiyou must marry Mutsumi and become a member of the Yozakura family. Thrown headfirst into chaos, Taiyou begins his journey to become a powerful spy in order to protect his wife and uncover the dark secrets of his past and the Yozakura family.
Yozakura-san Chi no Daisakusen is simulpub in English as Mission: Yozakura Family through MANGA Plus service.

  • Shounen Jump (magazine)
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Peerless Dad
8.7 5.5K reading 7.1K/mo
Webtoon , Manhwa , Shounen , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Slice of Life
6 days ago
He is a matchless dad who knows the will of the heavens. Thus begins a new story from Noh Cyungchan, the author of ’Red Storm’.
Its an amazing story about one martial arts journey through marriage, fatherhood, and battles.
Featuring a badass master, family oriented MC and a tragic backstory.
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Tales of Demons and Gods
8.7 18.5K reading 65.3K/mo
Manhua , Shounen , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Harem , Romance
86 hours ago
In his past life, although too weak to protect his home when it counted, out of grave determination Nie Li became the strongest Demon Spiritist and stood at the pinnacle of the martial world. However, he lost his life during the battle with the Sage Emperor and six deity-ranked beasts.
His soul was then brought back to when he was still 13 years old. Although he’s the weakest in his class with the lowest talent, having only a red soul realm and a weak one at that, with the aid of the vast knowledge which he accumulated from his previous life, he decided to train faster than anyone could expect. He also decided to help those who died nobly in his previous life to train faster as well.
He aims to protect the city from the coming future of being devastated by demon beasts and the previous fate of ending up destroyed. He aims to protect his lover, friends, family and fellow citizens who died in the beast assault or its aftermath. And he aims to destroy the so-called Sacred family who arrogantly abandoned their duty and betrayed the city in his past life.
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Komi-San Wa Komyushou Desu
8.7 726 reading
Shounen , Comedy , Romance , School Life
77 hours ago
Komi-san is the beautiful and admirable girl that no-one can take their eyes off her. Almost the whole school sees her as the cold beauty out of their league, but Tadano Shigeo knows the truth: she's just really bad at communicating with others. Komi-san, who wishes to fix this bad habit of hers, tries to improve it with the help of Tadano-kun.
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Hunter x Hunter
8.7 5.5K reading 14.3K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Super Power
390 days ago
"Secret treasure hoards, undiscovered wealth... mystical places, unexplored frontiers... 'The mysterious unknown.' There's magic in such words for those captivated by its spell. They are called 'Hunters'!"

Gon Freecss wants to become a Hunter so he can find his father, a man who abandoned him to pursue a life of adventure. But it's not that simple: only one in one hundred thousand can pass the Hunter Exam, and that is just the first obstacle on his journey. During the Hunter Exam, Gon befriends many other potential Hunters, such as the mysterious Killua; the revenge-driven Kurapika; and Leorio, who aims to become a doctor. There's a world of adventure and peril awaiting, and those who embrace it with open arms can become the greatest Hunters of them all!
Hunter x Hunter has been published in English by VIZ Media under the Shonen Jump Advanced imprint since April 5, 2005; in Brazilian Portuguese by Jbc since January 2008; in Spanish by Panini Comics since October 2012; and in Italian by Panini Comics.

The series has been serialized irregularly since 2006 due to Yoshihiro Togashi's health problems.

  • Shounen Jump (magazine)
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8.7 5.6K reading 15K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Sports
390 days ago
The original one-shot for Haikyuu!!.

Hinata is full of enthusiasm for volleyball, and he's determined to become the ace of the volleyball team as he enters high school! Unfortunately, due to having too few players and no real teachers, his middle school volleyball team just kind of casually played around. He has no real experience or skill with the game and only has the ability to jump really high and spike the ball. The real first-year ace, the super-serious, highly-skilled, irritable Kageyama, has no patience for clueless Hinata's ambition. Will Hinata be able to find a useful place on his new team?

(Source: MangaHelpers)
  • Shounen Jump (magazine)
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Hajime no Ippo
8.6 3.6K reading 9.6K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Action , Comedy , Drama , Sports
6 days ago
Makunouchi Ippo is a 16-year-old high school student who helps his mother run the family business. His hefty workload impedes on his social life, making him an easy target for bullies. One day, while being beaten up by a group of high school students, Ippo is saved by a boxer named Mamoru Takamura, and is brought to the Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

This afterschool bullying session turns his life around for the better as Ippo discovers his latent talent for boxing and decides to practice the sport professionally. However, Mamoru doubts Ippo's determination and assigns him a task deemed impossible to complete, but the resolute Ippo trains tirelessly to fulfill his mission. Along the way, he finds out what it means to attain true strength while making new friends and fighting formidable foes.
Hajime no Ippo has sold over 94 million copies as of October 2013 and won the 15th Kodansha Manga Award for Best Shounen Manga in 1991.

  • Shounen Magazine (magazine)
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8.6 3.9K reading 11.8K/mo
Japanese , Manga , Shounen , Action , Adventure , Martial Arts , Super Power
390 days ago
Whenever Naruto Uzumaki proclaims that he will someday become the Hokage—a title bestowed upon the best ninja in the Village Hidden in the Leaves—no one takes him seriously. Since birth, Naruto has been shunned and ridiculed by his fellow villagers. But their contempt isn't because Naruto is loud-mouthed, mischievous, or because of his ineptitude in the ninja arts, but because there is a demon inside him. Prior to Naruto's birth, the powerful and deadly Nine-Tailed Fox attacked the village. In order to stop the rampage, the Fourth Hokage sacrificed his life to seal the demon inside the body of the newborn Naruto.

And so when he is assigned to Team 7—along with his new teammates Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, under the mentorship of veteran ninja Kakashi Hatake—Naruto is forced to work together with other people for the first time in his life. Through undergoing vigorous training and taking on challenging missions, Naruto must learn what it means to work in a team and carve his own route toward becoming a full-fledged ninja recognized by his village.
Naruto has sold over 220 million copies worldwide as of 2015, making it the 4th highest grossing manga series of all time. It was nominated for the 19th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2014, and in the same year Masashi Kishimoto was awarded Rookie of the Year in the media fine arts category by Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Numerous databooks, artbooks, novels, and fanbooks on the series have been released. Eight summary volumes featuring unaltered color pages, larger dimensions, and exclusive interviews, covering the first part of the series were released between November 7, 2008 and April 10, 2009.

The series was published in English by VIZ Media under the Shonen Jump imprint from August 16, 2003 to October 6, 2015. In the last four months of 2007, the campaign titled "Naruto Nation" was launched, in which three volumes were published each month so that US releases would be closer to Japan's, the same practice was done in February through April of 2009 this time titled "Generation Ninja." A 3-in-1 omnibus edition has also been released since May 3, 2011. A box set containing volumes 1-27 was released on August 6, 2008, another one containing volumes 28-48 on July 7, 2015, and the final box set with volumes 49-72 on January 5, 2016. It was also published in Brazilian Portuguese by Panini Comics/Planet Manga from May 2007 to June 2015, and again as Naruto Gold edition since July 2015.

  • Shounen Jump (magazine)
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Lucky Guy
8.6 861 reading
Manhwa , Adult , Mature , Drama , Romance
354 days ago
The most important exam of his life… and Jungsuk blew it. Dumped by his girlfriend and rejected by his college of choice, the future looks bleak. But instead of moping, Jungsuk checks himself into a boarding cram school for a year. Sealed off from the outside world with nothing but a bunch of stressed-out, horny students for company, things start getting steamy in no time. How distracting! Perhaps some one-on-one lessons with the gorgeous, busty Ms. Kang will help him focus? Study hard, Jungsuk. Nice and hard…
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Kubo-san wa Boku (Mobu) wo Yurusanai
8.6 4K reading 5.5K/mo
Seinen , Comedy , Romance , School Life
5 days ago
8.6 3K reading 9.4K/mo
Japanese , Shounen , Action
356 days ago
Takemichi Hanagaki's life is at an all-time low. Just when he thought it couldn't get worse, he finds out that Hinata Tachibana, his ex-girlfriend, was murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang: a group of vicious criminals that has been disturbing society's peace for quite some time.

Wondering where it all went wrong, Takemichi suddenly finds himself travelling through time, ending up 12 years in the past—when he was still in a relationship with Hinata. Realizing he has a chance to save her, Takemichi resolves to infiltrate the Tokyo Manji Gang and climb the ranks in order to rewrite the future and save Hinata from her tragic fate.
  • Shounen Magazine (magazine)
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